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SunnyInMay Sun 02-Oct-16 01:18:46

Opinions please or any other ideas which are similar? Thanks

weekendninja Sun 02-Oct-16 01:27:39

I don't particularly like or dislike it but the Summer that I know has it shortened to 'Some' by almost everyone. That would put me off.

crje Sun 02-Oct-16 01:32:23

I prefer Autumn

I think the name only works if the child is born in the season.

DPotter Sun 02-Oct-16 01:36:27

Please don't use the name for a season as a name for a child. And if you must then only if the child is born between June and August (northern hemisphere).

scrivette Sun 02-Oct-16 01:52:09

I really like it but it's quite popular.

Also love Autumn or Seren (Welsh for star).

Queenofthebrae Sun 02-Oct-16 01:57:03

I love it. It was one of the first names both my husband and I agreed on when I was pregnant.

NuffSaidSam Sun 02-Oct-16 02:51:15

I really like it and I don't think it matters when the baby is born. It's not as if you give out your date of birth every time you say your name is it?

I really like Sunny (for a girl, but hate Sonny for a boy!), but I haven't been brave enough to actually use it.

Names with a similar summery theme;


MrsGsnow18 Sun 02-Oct-16 10:18:15

Only problem I think would be that summer is used quite commonly when people are talking about the season.
I can't wait for summer
I love summer
Did you have a good summer?
Where are you going on your summer holiday?
Etc etc.

0pti0na1 Sun 02-Oct-16 10:43:01

I like it, it's a lovely name with a nice meaning too.

chinlo Sun 02-Oct-16 12:55:14

I see nothing wrong with it and definitely don't think the baby has to be born in Summer for it to be an acceptable name. That's kind of cringey actually.

Lutrine Sun 02-Oct-16 18:20:07

I really like it! We almost called DD Summer as we wanted a lovely, happy, sunshiny sounding name for her.

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