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Cecily, Eliza, Eloise, Jemima, Tabitha

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NewsReview Thu 29-Sep-16 22:49:15

I can't decide! Help!

NewsReview Thu 29-Sep-16 22:50:35

Oh and you could chuck Emilia into the mix as well - I do like E names.

Thewolfsjustapuppy Thu 29-Sep-16 22:52:10

Cecily by a million miles!

Bellyrub1980 Thu 29-Sep-16 22:52:24

Elouise or Eloise is one of my most favourite names ever.

Wish my DP liked it!!!

SpidersFromMars Thu 29-Sep-16 22:53:13

My favorites are Eliza or Eloise. What about Elise too?

bummyknocker Thu 29-Sep-16 22:54:41

Cecily for me!

Ambroxide Thu 29-Sep-16 23:06:41

The only one that isn't great is Eloise. Good choices!

Sophronia Thu 29-Sep-16 23:50:27

Jemima or Tabitha

chinlo Fri 30-Sep-16 00:00:44

Eliza or Emilia.

Definitely NOT Tabitha or Jemima!!

WyfOfBathe Fri 30-Sep-16 00:10:02

I love Eliza and might steal it for my list

I don't like Jemima because all I can think of is Jemima Puddleduck

CakeRattleandRoll Fri 30-Sep-16 00:16:18


NightCzar Fri 30-Sep-16 00:20:49

Eloise is my favourite name in the world. My DH also didn't like it. I feel as though an Emilia would spend her whole life correcting people trying to spell Amelia.

Superstar90 Fri 30-Sep-16 00:21:34

Emelia or Tabitha :-)

NewsReview Fri 30-Sep-16 00:22:02

My reservation with Eloise is that she might become another Ella/Ellie...

ShmooBooMoo Fri 30-Sep-16 00:28:05

Eloise or Elise

hoddtastic Fri 30-Sep-16 00:33:30

There are a billion Ellie / Ella type names out there - tabitha is a cats name- Jemima a ducks- Cecily is nice (as is Celia , Esther , Lara and elizabeth )

Pepsioften100 Fri 30-Sep-16 00:34:23

Not puddleduck or tabby cat. Don't really like Eloise either.
So Eliza or Cecily. Both are much nicer than the other three.

NavyandWhite Fri 30-Sep-16 11:19:13

Don't like Eloise because of the Ellie connection.
Love Jemima and Cecily. What about Eleanor?

mzq14 Fri 30-Sep-16 11:50:43

Cecily and Eliza are absolutely beautiful - classic, timeless, elegant, simple and wonderfully pretty. Two of my absolute favourite names, and make a lovely sibset if you ever have another daughter!

Eloise - I love, but it has a more modern feel to me as it's become a lot more popular recently - beautifully elegant name, but I worry that it'll be the next Olivia or Isabella.

Emilia - Not a fan of this, or Amelia. Also becoming very popular lately - there'll most likely be more Amelias/Emilias/Emilys in her year group. I do like Emma, though.

Jemima - Really dislike - Jemima Puddleduck? I just don't think it's a pretty sounding name. Clunky and old-fashioned to me.

Tabitha - see Jemima. Tabby cats. Not a very pretty or elegant name to me - reminds me of a bright orange cat with a lisp. Sorry!

Cecily and Eliza are my absolute favourites - Cecily Eliza Lastname makes a beautiful combination!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 30-Sep-16 12:54:07


From your list, I like Tabitha or Jemima.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 30-Sep-16 12:54:59

Semester ! Should be Esme.

Jokat Fri 30-Sep-16 13:08:34

Eliza is the prettiest name on the planet!
I do also love Cecil.

Jokat Fri 30-Sep-16 13:10:00

Cecily, not Cecil. Thank you predictive text

toastedbeagle Fri 30-Sep-16 13:12:43

I have a friend with a Tabitha & Jemima. Claims not to love Beatrix Potter buts its suspicious.

Ambroxide Fri 30-Sep-16 13:29:34


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