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SerenDippitee Wed 28-Sep-16 23:04:12

So yes, we've been watching a lot of Time for School recently and there's a little girl called Pandra. I had never heard the name before but it is a Celtic name meaning 'chief dragon'.

I LOVE it. We are in England but have bona fide Celtic heritage. I am prepared for the fact that many people will assume that it's a typo for Pandora.


chinlo Wed 28-Sep-16 23:05:15

Actually my first thought was panda.

Pandora is nice though.

GirlOutNumbered Wed 28-Sep-16 23:05:33

Sounds too much like a super hero Panda. Sorry.

sonlypuppyfat Wed 28-Sep-16 23:05:35

I like the celtic connection go for it grin

MrsBungle Wed 28-Sep-16 23:06:24

I thought panda too, I'm not a fan.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Wed 28-Sep-16 23:07:41

I love it.

Poocatcherchampion Wed 28-Sep-16 23:07:56

Is the mum Sandra and the dad Pete?

bringbacksideburns Wed 28-Sep-16 23:08:58

Like a cross between Panda and Sandra. Not for me but if you like it it's your choice.

Only1scoop Wed 28-Sep-16 23:11:32

Sounds like what 'Paul and Sandra' might call their Costa del Holiday home

EssentialHummus Wed 28-Sep-16 23:17:35

sad I'd think it was a typo for panda or Pandora.

hufflepuf Wed 28-Sep-16 23:20:14

I love it. It also made me think of pandas but it makes the name even cuter

ShmooBooMoo Wed 28-Sep-16 23:23:19

Sorry, I hate it. It looks ugly and, let's face it, it's basically Sandra with a P rather than an S. Sorry I've nothing nice to say about it...

chinlo Wed 28-Sep-16 23:24:50

Siblings Monkrey and Elephrant?

peppercold Wed 28-Sep-16 23:27:41

Sorry but that made me piss scoop gringrin amd o.p looks like panda soz.

BackforGood Wed 28-Sep-16 23:29:27

Really don't like it - have to agree with those who say it sounds like a name blended out of 2 others.

swissy56 Wed 28-Sep-16 23:31:54

Beautiful smileI'm just sorry I have finished having children as it would be top off my list! I also like Tigra.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Wed 28-Sep-16 23:56:53

Ah, I just googled Pandra and ended up watching some 'interesting' Hentai...

Could lead to problems.

AdaLovelacesCat Wed 28-Sep-16 23:59:56

it is dreadful and sounds like sanpro

PatSajack Thu 29-Sep-16 00:02:32

I love Pandra. Also Tigra, Hyenra, and Giraffra.

OlennasWimple Thu 29-Sep-16 00:05:22

No, sorry OP, I agree that it doesn't "work" for English speakers (I also thought of sanpro, Ada)

Stevefromstevenage Thu 29-Sep-16 00:07:18

I think it sounds more Asian personally. Like Ku Fu Panda's love child.

Resounding no here.

I googled it too. I live in a very Celtic country and it did not pick it up as s name.

FindingNemoFindingDory Thu 29-Sep-16 02:09:14

No, sorry...

DixieWishbone Thu 29-Sep-16 02:18:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

katemess12 Thu 29-Sep-16 02:20:22

Never heard of it.

Pendragon means chief dragon and is a male name, though.

sycamore54321 Thu 29-Sep-16 02:57:53

Panda - Pandora mispronounced - Sandra typo - pander to - ponderous... Sorry but for all the reasons already given by many, I really dislike it. I've tried to picture a

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