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Short Indian/English boy names

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nuggles Mon 26-Sep-16 23:06:13

We're looking for boy name ideas to go with our first son Dillon.

We're Sikh and looking for cool English/Indian crossover names to go with Dillon - we're struggling to find any we really like.

Any ideas similar to Arun/Hari/Jai/Kian please send them my way 😀

everdene Tue 27-Sep-16 21:00:51

How about Kiran?
We had a family friend years ago called Nikhil (sp?) which I always liked too.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 27-Sep-16 21:18:44

Jai is lovely.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 27-Sep-16 21:25:37

I like Onkar, cool name, Ajay, and Arun.

Essexgirlupnorth Tue 27-Sep-16 21:30:54

My friend who also has a Dilan has a second son called Jay. She wished she hadn't named her nephew Kiran so she could have used that

bretonlover Tue 27-Sep-16 21:31:58

My friend has an Arron and a Mani.

Also have heard Sonny which I like and guess it is short for something.

bretonlover Tue 27-Sep-16 21:32:52

Sorry posted too soon. Meant to say short for something like Sandeep.

EssentialHummus Tue 27-Sep-16 21:33:16

I love Kiran and Jai!

TealGiraffe Tue 27-Sep-16 21:38:35

Mentally going through all the names in school....grin

Jai / jay
Nikhil (goes by niki)
Sunhil (goes by Sunny)
Raeece (one pronounced ry-eece, one ray-eece)

pestov Tue 27-Sep-16 22:02:54


Also know Asian twins Dillon & Shaun

nuggles Tue 27-Sep-16 22:06:49

Ooh some nice names on here, thanks everyone.

We're toying with the name Jai or Deven, not sure yet.

Kiran is nice too, but I have a female cousin with that name. So we'd avoid that. We love Arun too but my nephew is called that and husband isn't too keen on naming our son the same.

Our favourite name is Hari, although given our surname our poor boy would be nicknamed haribo at school so can't really torture him with that for life!

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