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Ted or Teddy?

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SwimDorySwim Sun 25-Sep-16 20:08:38

We are going for Ted or Teddy - not Theodore, Edward, etc.

It's the only name that we agree on!

Would you pick Ted or Teddy? Teddy could still be Ted and Ted could still be Teddy!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 25-Sep-16 20:11:56

I don't think it matters. They're both short versions of a longer name therefore made up so just go with the one you like best.

SwimDorySwim Sun 25-Sep-16 20:12:53

They're not made up confused

WetsTheFinger Sun 25-Sep-16 20:16:22

I think Ted, it'll sound more grown up when he's an adult.

GoNorthDarren Sun 25-Sep-16 20:17:01

Out of the two of them, I think I prefer Ted.

Teddy is quite popular now I think, and also, (and I know this is just my personal taste), I find Teddy a bit too cutesy / sweet for a teenager / grown man... Probably because I think of teddy bears when I hear it - so cute on a squishy toddler, but not so much on an adult maybe? That said, as it is more popular now, I suppose those associations will change and his peers will just accept it as a fairly well known name in its own right.

On balance, I'd just go with the one you like best! <not helpful>

Katkin14 Sun 25-Sep-16 20:18:29

My nephew is called Teddy. I love it.

chinlo Sun 25-Sep-16 20:19:49

I personally hate them both, but I'd go with Ted because Teddy is very childish.

GirlOverboard Sun 25-Sep-16 20:20:00

He might not appreciate being called Teddy when he's a grown man. I'd choose Ted, with Teddy as a nickname.

BlueKarou Sun 25-Sep-16 21:19:10

I would opt for Ted, Teddy as nickname, if choosing between the two.

MotherDuckSaid Sun 25-Sep-16 21:21:31


raviolidreaming Sun 25-Sep-16 21:25:16

He might not appreciate being called Teddy when he's a grown man

Agree with this.

TroysMammy Sun 25-Sep-16 21:28:31

I know an Edward whose younger sister called him Teddy when they were children but everyone else called him Edward.

katemess12 Sun 25-Sep-16 21:44:34

I don't like either, but Teddy is simply awful. So, Ted by default.

Thundercake Sun 25-Sep-16 21:51:12

Definitely becoming more popular, I know a Ted and a Teddy both under 1. I just can't take it seriously as a name outside of Fr.Ted. Sorry but I think Eddie is cool and similar.

gettingtherequickly Sun 25-Sep-16 21:51:28

Why not Edward?

Both your options sound quite childlike.

BackforGood Sun 25-Sep-16 21:54:08

Teddy is awful, unless you are an actual furry teddy bear.
I know you said you don't like the full version, but it gives the adult him a choice.

Enidblyton1 Sun 25-Sep-16 21:59:12

I love Teddy for a boy, becoming Ted when he's older if he prefers.

(You know you can still name him Edward or Theodore officially, yet always call him Teddy? School etc would call him Teddy too if you always write it on registration forms. This would give him more options when he is older.)

NickyEds Sun 25-Sep-16 21:59:58

Edward or Theodore. Teddy and Ted are nick names.

PaperdollCartoon Sun 25-Sep-16 22:03:07

Call him Theodore or Edward with Ted for short, please. Can't stand this fad for calling children shortenings for full names. Better to go with something outlandish than half a name.

ProseccoKiss Sun 25-Sep-16 23:00:02

Teddy was the name we had chosen for a little boy but we are having a little girl - love the name Teddy! And like you, not keen on Edward etc.
I think Teddy - you can shorten it to Ted if he wants to when he's older xx

ProseccoKiss Sun 25-Sep-16 23:01:28

What's the point on calling him Theodore is he will always be known as Ted or Teddy??
Go with what you love! Ted & Teddy aren't just nicknames xx

Ankleswingers Sun 25-Sep-16 23:05:02

Ted is great. I do like Teddy but only on a child.

Theodore is hideous IMO.

I think Ted is my favourite smile

ScarletSahara Sun 25-Sep-16 23:08:11

Ted is the better of the two. I'd hate officially being Teddy as a grown up.

EssentialHummus Sun 25-Sep-16 23:11:17

Terrible, use Edward and whatever nn you want. He's going to be a grown man one day!

0pti0na1 Sun 25-Sep-16 23:42:41

Of the two, Ted.

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