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Jake or Jude?

(41 Posts)
namechangegallo Sat 24-Sep-16 21:53:52

Cannot decide

ChristmasAccountant Sat 24-Sep-16 21:55:09

definitely Jude, love it.

dottyaboutstripes Sat 24-Sep-16 21:55:39

Jude for me

Amalfimamma Sat 24-Sep-16 21:56:35

Like DS, Jude.

AppleJac Sat 24-Sep-16 21:56:50

I really like jake. We are considering it for dc2 but it's popularity puts me off

chinlo Sat 24-Sep-16 21:57:16

100% Jude

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 24-Sep-16 21:57:45


foreverblessedbee Sat 24-Sep-16 21:59:34


SirChenjin Sat 24-Sep-16 22:00:02


Shockers Sat 24-Sep-16 22:00:47


Love it.

Dozer Sat 24-Sep-16 22:01:28


Sophronia Sat 24-Sep-16 22:36:01

Jake of short for Jacob, otherwise Jude

MinnowAndTheBear Sat 24-Sep-16 22:37:51

I wanted Jude, but DH vetoed. I think it's great!

CakeRattleandRoll Sun 25-Sep-16 03:52:43

Jake, short for Jacob.

KoalaDownUnder Sun 25-Sep-16 03:53:27

Jake. I don't like Jude at all.

Glastokitty Sun 25-Sep-16 03:54:00

Jude is the best name ever.

CrystalMcPistol Sun 25-Sep-16 03:56:03

I love Jude but Jake is blah.

Pemba Sun 25-Sep-16 04:28:55

Jake is a great name (would put Jacob down on the birth certificate).

I like Jude, but one thing against it is that it can be a female name sometimes (maybe short for Judith?)

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 25-Sep-16 10:54:57


midsomermurderess Sun 25-Sep-16 16:43:58

I agree with pp saying Jake, short for Jacob.

winkywinkola Sun 25-Sep-16 16:59:03


jenniuol Sun 25-Sep-16 17:01:37


Enidblyton1 Sun 25-Sep-16 17:05:27


crayfish Sun 25-Sep-16 17:13:28

Jake for me. It might just be where I live but I know four baby Jude's!

Madbengalmum Sun 25-Sep-16 17:14:30

Please god not ANOTHER baby Jude!

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