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Mary-Mae what do you think?

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kate1296 Thu 22-Sep-16 21:54:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Edhilaria Thu 22-Sep-16 21:58:14

Merry men
Beginning of a sentence Mary may......
Mary Mary quite contrary

Sorry, you did ask 😏

LovingLola Thu 22-Sep-16 22:00:42

Just no.

GissASquizz Thu 22-Sep-16 22:01:59

I like Mary on its own.

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Thu 22-Sep-16 22:02:44

Marry me?

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Thu 22-Sep-16 22:03:15

Prefer just Mary myself.

May or Mae is a common shortening for Mary so Mary-Mae is like Katherine-Kate or Elizabeth-Betty.

If you want a Mary-?? name, then these are more common pairings:


Less common in this country:

Or if it's Mary and other derivatives you like then how about:


Wolfiefan Thu 22-Sep-16 22:03:30

I don't like double barrelled first names. The double M would also be a no no for me.

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Thu 22-Sep-16 22:04:24

I don't like it and think it sounds a bit naff and try too hard

Mary is nice though

Apart from a few obvious exceptions (Anne-Marie etc), hyphenated first names just tend to sound a bit silly IMHO

sonlypuppyfat Thu 22-Sep-16 22:04:27

It just seems a little bit dated, Mary is lovely though

Cherryskypie Thu 22-Sep-16 22:05:07

Mary is lovely.

BennyTheBall Thu 22-Sep-16 22:06:30

Anything with Mae/May at the end is ghastly.

Haffdonga Thu 22-Sep-16 22:06:43

If you scan down the name threads here you will find that any suggestion of a Something-Mae will get a massive and unanimous NO vote.

(As it is, Mary Mae is probably going to get even stronger negative reaction than even all the Gracie-Maes and Kitty-Maes and Ellie-Maes and Lily-Maes because it's just so nursery rhymey.)

HardcoreLadyType Thu 22-Sep-16 22:08:27

Mary Mae would be better.

Or one of the hyphenated names MovingOn suggested.

Mary-Mae just sounds a bit...clumsy?

Only1scoop Thu 22-Sep-16 22:12:35

Sounds like a resident on Walton Mountain

wobblywonderwoman Thu 22-Sep-16 22:12:41

I hate the trend for Mae on the end of names.

I just hate it. Ruby-Mae type of names yuck.

Sorry I just think go for May or go for Mary

kate1296 Thu 22-Sep-16 22:17:00

Yes I understand actually but I do love Mary 😂

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 22-Sep-16 22:53:04

Mae is another variation of Mary, so. It'd be like having a Lizzie Beth
Or Daisy Peggy, both variations of Margaret.
I'd still stick with Mary though.
MNs to consider.
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Beth
Mary Frances
Mary Kate
Mary Abigail
Mary Clara
Mary Jane
Mary Louise
Mary Jo
Mary Lisette
Mary Terese

MrsBungle Thu 22-Sep-16 22:54:32

Mary in its own is lovely.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 22-Sep-16 22:55:15

Mary Sophia
Mary Natalia
Mary Jade
Mary Sue

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 22-Sep-16 23:00:34

Mary Isobella

BackforGood Thu 22-Sep-16 23:05:18

I'm not keen on double barrelled names at all, but particularly dislike "____May (or Mae)" as it just sounds like the beginning of a sentence.

PotatoBread Fri 23-Sep-16 19:43:28

Why did you request for your post to be withdrawn?

Anyway, I think Mary-Mae sounds like something from Little House on the Prairie.

Mary is fine on its own

Barefootcontessa84 Sat 24-Sep-16 08:17:54

Anything with Mae on the end is awful. Mary is sweet and underused - why not just go for that?

CordeliaFrost Sat 24-Sep-16 14:23:03

Mae can actually be used as a diminutive of Mary, so really it's pointless to use both.

wispaxmas Sat 24-Sep-16 21:58:26


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