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Opinions please!!

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XXMum2BeXX Mon 19-Sep-16 11:06:51

What is your oppinion on the name Ricky?

Thanks smile

Pipilangstrumpf Mon 19-Sep-16 11:26:38

Personally, I'm not a fan of cutesy nicknames like Ricky, but if you like it, why not?

How about Richard?

lavenderpekins Mon 19-Sep-16 11:30:06


Jessica0107 Mon 19-Sep-16 11:33:08

I just think of Bianca from Eastenders shouting "Rickeeeeeey"

So it's a no from megrin.

chinlo Mon 19-Sep-16 11:33:56

This is a dupe thread

PotatoBread Mon 19-Sep-16 11:35:07

I'm another who thinks of EE Bianca. It's a strong no from me.

CitizenBloom Mon 19-Sep-16 12:38:23

If your child is likely to grow up surrounded by a regional accent that pronounces Ricky as Rick-eh/-ay, I wouldn't. I know a lovely little Ethan who is reception age, and who probably has no idea that his name isn't actually Eefan.

rhiaaaaaaaannon Mon 19-Sep-16 12:39:41

I prefer Richard

MotherDuckSaid Mon 19-Sep-16 12:56:34

More of a nickname for me

OhTheRoses Mon 19-Sep-16 12:58:00

Or nn for Frederick.

Nataleejah Mon 19-Sep-16 15:19:01

Rick, not Ricky

ElvenMoonwings Mon 19-Sep-16 15:38:36

A mainstream name not associated too much with any particular social class. A bit too ordinary for me.

gingerboy1912 Mon 19-Sep-16 15:45:08


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