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Can anyone please help me find out

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duskonthelawn Fri 16-Sep-16 13:54:32

If this is actually a real name?

Was browsing on another name forum and someone posted "Fraisine" which they said means "little strawberry" but it doesn't even seem to come up on google search as a word

Can anyone help me please, is this just made up?

BendydickCuminsnatch Fri 16-Sep-16 13:58:35

Yes I can't find anything either. Maybe they misheard Francine and made Fraisine up? But why would you want to call your kid little strawberry? Sounds like raisin.

Pipilangstrumpf Fri 16-Sep-16 14:03:02

Apparently Fraisine was used in the 19th century. It sounds quite feminine and nice to my ears, not too different to Clementine.

duskonthelawn Fri 16-Sep-16 14:07:49

haha Bendydick it was on a list of other french names and I just thought it looked interesting smile

Thank you for having a look, Pipilang, does it say anything else at all?

BendydickCuminsnatch Fri 16-Sep-16 14:17:14

It does look interesting! Good point about Clementine, I suppose it's no different to that is it. Fraisine. Fraisine... I still mainly see 'raisin'! grin

duskonthelawn Fri 16-Sep-16 14:40:45

It makes me think of fromage frais grin

Amalfimamma Fri 16-Sep-16 14:45:24

Fraisine is a French surname. I did find that a French couple had it as a second choice for their DD but a French court banned them from using it

Their first choice was Nutella 😐

duskonthelawn Fri 16-Sep-16 15:07:10

Thank you Amalfimamma! Think that's enough to put me off it grin

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 16-Sep-16 18:13:03

How about Francine ?

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