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Tisha or Siya

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archi19 Thu 15-Sep-16 21:12:47

Which one is a better name?
Tisha or Siya

Giratina Thu 15-Sep-16 21:14:32

Is Siya pronounced See-ah or Sigh-ah?

AnyTheWiser Thu 15-Sep-16 21:16:21

Which culture are you and the father from?
I don't know any children with either name, and I live in a very mixed, multicultural area.

DanyellasDonkey Thu 15-Sep-16 21:23:07

Never heard of either name tbh and I wouldn't know how to pronounce Siya - sorry, not much help I know

0pti0na1 Fri 16-Sep-16 09:07:40

Tisha is a bit sneezy but could be a nickname for Leticia.

Siya looks nice but I'm unsure of the pronounciation.

MitzyLeFrouf Fri 16-Sep-16 10:24:47


Siya reminds me of that singer who wears a wig over her face.

bumblemouse Fri 16-Sep-16 10:27:01

I know a Sia and it's a lovely name

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 16-Sep-16 11:11:15


EssentialHummus Fri 16-Sep-16 11:13:56

Never heard of either of these. I prefer Tisha; Siya sounds like "See-ya!" to me.

ShiroiKoibito Fri 16-Sep-16 13:43:36

siya - See ya

Tisha will be confused for Trisha here...

boy or girl?

ShiroiKoibito Fri 16-Sep-16 13:44:18

(sorry - by here i mean in UK)

archi19 Fri 16-Sep-16 14:06:11

Thank you all for your views smile Actually I am an Indian but looking for a name which is to pronunce here in UK as well and sounds good.
What about Arshia as a name and Sia a nickname?


EssentialHummus Fri 16-Sep-16 14:17:34

I think Arshia is going to lead to arse-related teasing, OP.

WaitrosePigeon Fri 16-Sep-16 14:42:07

Both awful.

Solasum Fri 16-Sep-16 14:42:56

Not Arshia. It would not be kind

W8woman Fri 16-Sep-16 14:46:27

What about Esha?

If you're not English people will usually be less judgemental about your name choices because foreigners aren't so easy to pigeonhole into the class system wink.

CommanderShepard Fri 16-Sep-16 14:49:31

I know an Esha and I think it's a lovely name.

MitzyLeFrouf Fri 16-Sep-16 14:58:12

Arshia definitely has 'arse' teasing potential. Sia by itself would be better.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 16-Sep-16 17:32:13

OP, I like, Kaya, Kiki and my favourite, Priti.
There are some lovely Indian names, including Kate.

Alisvolatpropiis Fri 16-Sep-16 18:25:25

Siya is nice.

Stay far, far away from Arshia, unfortunate nicknames will happen.

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