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Maxwell or Maximilian?

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Firsttimer16 Sat 03-Sep-16 08:18:43

I love the name max, but wouldn't want it to be the full name (I like having something longer and more official sounding, and something to shout when cross!) I think if we called him Maximilian we would never ever end up saying his full name, as it just sounds a bit silly to me. But Maxwell I can imagine using regularly, but not sure I love it! What are people's opinions on both?

Sophronia Sat 03-Sep-16 08:37:08

I like Max and Maximilian. Not so keen on Maxwell. There's also Maxim, Maxen, Maximus.

EllenDegenerate Sat 03-Sep-16 08:38:09

Maximilian is a fabulous name,
Maxwell is a dogs name.

Hth smile

katemess12 Sat 03-Sep-16 10:13:12


Maximilian is so OTT.

ArmyInRed Sat 03-Sep-16 10:19:06

I prefer maxwell.

SanityClause Sat 03-Sep-16 10:19:49

I know a Matthew who is called Max, if that helps?

grannytomine Sat 03-Sep-16 10:20:53

Maxim is great.

alltouchedout Sat 03-Sep-16 10:23:36

I have a Maksym (Polish spelling, sounds exactly the same as Maxim). We havent met any others yet. Loads of people called Max, two called Maximus (I really had to struggle not to do the "Maximus Decimus Meridius" speech both times), a few called Maxwell and one Maximilian. We call him Max or Maxy most of the time but Maksym hasn't raised any eyebrows- well not as far as I know anyway.

UnicornPee Sat 03-Sep-16 10:33:18

Max is cute
Maximilian is pompous, over the top, a mouth full

LunaLoveg00d Sat 03-Sep-16 10:35:01

There's a child at school called Maximillian, everyone calls him Max except his mother who insists on the full name. Maxwell is OK too. I think Max on its own is just fine though.

CandyMcJingles Sat 03-Sep-16 10:36:17

The reason I would choose maxwell instead of Maximilian is for the childhood years of when you are learning to read and write, maxwell is easier. But if he will be called Max, that's irrelevant. Both are nice.

NameChange30 Sat 03-Sep-16 10:38:42

Maxim wink

Jooni Sat 03-Sep-16 10:59:08

Maxmilian for me. Gorgeous name.

Jooni Sat 03-Sep-16 10:59:59

*Maximilian, sorry. I also love Maxim.

RiverTam Sat 03-Sep-16 11:00:34


cupofrooibos Sat 03-Sep-16 11:03:06

Love all variants of Max. Gorgeous name.

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