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Doverrr Thu 01-Sep-16 19:47:32


SkydivingFerret Thu 01-Sep-16 19:48:41


PotatoBread Thu 01-Sep-16 19:49:08

Automatically reminds me of Amanda. It's a no from me.

duskonthelawn Thu 01-Sep-16 19:49:08

I prefer lumos grin

LadyMaryofDownt0n Thu 01-Sep-16 19:49:29

Sorry, I don't like it & isualky am all over unusual names.

Ktay Thu 01-Sep-16 19:50:10

Isn't one of the jolie-Pitts a Knox? Not that they have a monopoly on the name of course!

Loyly Thu 01-Sep-16 19:50:22

Also thought of Amanda Knox Nope.

VanessaBet Thu 01-Sep-16 19:53:01

Fox in socks or Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt's son both come to mind.

It still doesn't quite seem like a real name to me, more surname-y, but that's popular in America.

LoraLoves Thu 01-Sep-16 19:54:47

Sassy comes to mind! I love the feel and it is nice. The one Knox I know is very sassy.

ohidoliketobe Thu 01-Sep-16 19:55:20

Immediate thought was Amanda Knox. But probably won't be an issue with the child's peer group.

MewlingQuim Thu 01-Sep-16 19:56:46

Knox in box, fox in socks grin

RandomDent Thu 01-Sep-16 19:57:00

I like it. Is it Scottish?

Doverrr Thu 01-Sep-16 19:58:23

Yes smile

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 01-Sep-16 20:00:23

No. The first thought was Amanda Knox obviously this will connection will fade over time but even without that connection I still don't like it.

Nonameyet1 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:03:20

Not for me either!

happystory Thu 01-Sep-16 20:05:50

I think at school it is just too likely to be mocked

Jeannekepis Thu 01-Sep-16 20:09:20

First thought was John.

Knox not great IMO. I just imagine lots of bad 'knocks' base jokes.

heron98 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:10:43

Ha ha. No.

DaleTremont Thu 01-Sep-16 20:16:28

I like it, but Dead Poets Society is one of my favourite films. The Amanda Knox link didn't occur to me at all until it was mentioned here.

EmpressKnowsWhereHerTowelIs Thu 01-Sep-16 20:19:01

I thought of Fox in Socks too.

And then of Knock Knock jokes.

Pinklily1 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:20:24

Also makes me think of Amanda Knox so for that reason would be a no for me.

Eigg Thu 01-Sep-16 20:22:31

As in John Knox?

That's a erm, bold choice...

VanellopeVonSchweetz99 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:23:18


MrsGsnow18 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:23:39

I prefer lumos grin
You are my favourite poster! ( even though it's Nox)

Knox is quite a common surname, I know quite a few people with this surname ( who aren't related)
The only think I like about it is that it has the letter X

SerenDippitee Thu 01-Sep-16 21:08:12

Knock knock jokes in primary school.

Knob jokes in secondary school.

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