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Angus and Archie?

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BroadcastHouse Thu 25-Aug-16 06:34:04

Yay or nay as names for brothers? I quite like the sound of Archie and Gus.
Also, if it's a yes - Angus & Archer or Angus & Archie?

NickNacks Thu 25-Aug-16 06:35:53

I know siblings with this combo. I like it. Archie not Archer though.

GinIsIn Thu 25-Aug-16 06:37:03

I think it's nice!

HerdsOfWilderbeest Thu 25-Aug-16 06:38:22

nice! Not Archer though

CalmYaTits Thu 25-Aug-16 06:40:41

I absolutely love it!

mamarach26 Thu 25-Aug-16 06:49:17

My little boy is called Archie grin everyone always says how cute it is X

Mausageandsash Thu 25-Aug-16 08:27:24

Love it x

Sophronia Thu 25-Aug-16 10:49:22

I like it. I prefer just Archie to Archer "Archie"

eightytwenty Thu 25-Aug-16 10:50:22

Have one of each. Great names.

SorenaJ Thu 25-Aug-16 12:46:00

Sounds great! Prefer Archie to Archer.

ClockMakerSue Thu 25-Aug-16 23:08:12

Love Angus! Archie is cute for little ones but it isn't strong like Angus.

NotTodaySatan Thu 25-Aug-16 23:11:25

Angus is amazing. Fantastic name for a baby, boy and man.

Archie is trendy and cutesie and the name of literally every single male dog where I live.


Gemz1806 Thu 25-Aug-16 23:17:57

I think they sound fab!! I have an Innes and Ruairidh! Love Scottish names! I am scottish tho, that always helps!! grin

Gemz1806 Thu 25-Aug-16 23:18:31

I would for for Archie and Angus. wink

TangfasticFanatic Thu 25-Aug-16 23:19:16

Yes to Archie and Angus, prefer Archie to Archer, like pp's have said smile

Spottyladybird Thu 25-Aug-16 23:19:23

Archibald rather than Archie.

Very cool though!

MrsGsnow18 Fri 26-Aug-16 16:48:30

I prefer Archer. I've met quite a few Archies, only one Achibald ( which I'm not a fan of)
Love Angus.

MrsGsnow18 Fri 26-Aug-16 16:49:08

Sorry! Typo

NavyandWhite Fri 26-Aug-16 17:07:08

Yes lovely.
I know an Angus and Alistair which is nice too.

BuntyFigglesworthSpiffington Fri 26-Aug-16 17:43:13

Angus is nice. Archie is everywhere, plus it's very twee.

Archer is more acceptable.

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