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Regretting my baby name choice

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Cellardoor23 Tue 23-Aug-16 12:20:11

When I choice the name for my DC i liked it because I hadn't heard anyone where I live with that name. I chose it from the baby name book. I struggled with boys names and there are very few that I like.

However since reading on mumsnet (and I don't know why it bothers me but it does) a lot of people have said it's a chav name. I never thought you could really get chav names just chavy people?

But it's made me very insecure and I'm seriously considering changing it now. Am I being stupid? It's upset me quite a bit.

Cellardoor23 Tue 23-Aug-16 12:23:16

Chose not choice apologies for the bad spelling!

apatheticfallacy Tue 23-Aug-16 12:25:52

If you like it that's all that matters, forget everyone else - especially a bunch of strangers on the Internet.

What's the name?

Cellardoor23 Tue 23-Aug-16 12:33:27

I know, but I've taken it to heart because so many people have said it.

His name is Harrison.

triggy80 Tue 23-Aug-16 12:39:34

Harrison is a lovely name. I know a couple of little boys with the same name and they are all lovely too, definitely not chavs! Someone will always have an opinion on whatever you choose so if you love it go with it!

wigglesrock Tue 23-Aug-16 12:40:42

I really wouldn't use the MN baby name threads as a basis on whether or not to change my baby's name. To be very honest they can seem a bit removed from reality or at least the reality I live in grin I love the baby name threads I could name other people's babies all day but sometimes the names that are feted on Mumsnet make me think "do you not like your own child?". So negative connotations about a child's name I would just let wash over me unless I didn't like the name.

I've 3 daughters - their names especially dd2s has been called dull, boring, unimaginative, all those clever clever "they'll be a trillion in her class" comments I don't love my kids names any less, I'd use them all over again.

peaceloveandtwirlywoos Tue 23-Aug-16 12:41:13

I wasn't expecting Harrison! That's a lovely name and not "chavvy" at all!

seahorse106 Tue 23-Aug-16 12:41:36

My friend has a lovely son called Harrison I've never thought it a chav name at all.

Groovee Tue 23-Aug-16 12:43:00

Not chav like in the least. It's a lovely name.

Justwanttoweeinpeace Tue 23-Aug-16 12:43:30

It's a nice name! Would you shorten it to Harry if you're really not happy?

I don't think you have anything to worry about. When we picked DS's name we wanted something that would be taken seriously, whether DS ended up as a judge, a pop star or whatever, Harrison totally fits that test.

Chinks123 Tue 23-Aug-16 12:43:30

No I wouldn't say that's chavvy at all smile my dds name has been bashed on some threads for being too popular, dull etc and on others they love it so I wouldn't go by that. All that matters is that we love it!

MancombSeepgood Tue 23-Aug-16 12:44:42

That is a lovely name smile not chavvy at all. People have all sorts of opinions about everything on here, take no notice. I think of Harrison Ford who is a great namesake and not a "chav" last time I checked.

Lovelongweekends Tue 23-Aug-16 12:47:26

I love the name Harrison, not chavvy at all! My dd's name takes a lot of bashing on here, I still love it though!

Cellardoor23 Tue 23-Aug-16 12:50:24

flowers thank you for all the replies. It's made me feel a bit better now! I'm not a fan of shortening names but I knew whatever name I picked someone would try and shorten it and i like Harry so it doesn't bother me. I did consider Harry as his actual name but I was worried over its popularity

Fairylea Tue 23-Aug-16 12:52:43

Harrison is lovely.

My son has THE most common name in our area (there were 3 others in the ward when he was born!) and on mumsnet everyone always says how chavy and awful it is - but when I chose it I genuinely didn't know any other little ones with the same name as my dd was a lot older so different age group and I didn't use mumsnet! I still love the name, my dd has a very unusual name by comparison! I just chose them because I liked them and still do.

ClaretAndBlue30 Tue 23-Aug-16 12:53:09

I think Harrison is lovely, and not chavvy at all. People have all sorts of views (on everything - not just names) but if you like it, stick with it!

daisydalrymple Tue 23-Aug-16 12:53:33

I always think there should be a rule on the names threads, posters should not be allowed to give negative opinions without stating what their own children's names are wink people are very vocal on here but not so forth coming about their own choices! Harrison is a lovely name, only one at our dcs' school, he's a lovely cheeky little chappie and really suits his name. Apart from him I always think Harrison ford and think that's a great namesake!

(i think some people are 'snobby' about what they class as 'surname' names as first names, both ds1&3 have names that could be surnames, one modern, one classic (as pp says, often 'boring' on here) and dd has a Welsh name. All chosen for specific reasons. I've had people wrinkle their noses and say ooh they don't go together at all do they!

MsKite Tue 23-Aug-16 12:56:22

Even if if was what's deemed a "chav" name by some people on mumsnet, you can rest assured that their opinion doesn't matter because they're a nasty piece of work. It's just a shame that this kind of unpleasantness is perpetuated. It's so offensive. What they mean by chav is people of a lower social class than them and/or people from an unapproved (by them) ethnic or cultural background.

Figgygal Tue 23-Aug-16 12:57:47

Harrison is very popular around here but not at all chavvy.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Tue 23-Aug-16 12:59:54

I am one of those people who finds certain names decidedly chavvy,, but I certainly wouldn't count Harrison among them. I wouldn't have had a pink fit if my dd had called her baby boy Harrison.
Harry for short? - to me both of them are nice names. Please don't upset yourself about it any more.

toadgirl Tue 23-Aug-16 13:00:02

I love Harrison smile

I never thought you could really get chav names just chavy people?

Well, that's the way I've always seen it, myself.

VioletBam Tue 23-Aug-16 13:00:56

OP one of my DDs names has been called all kinds on here! I don't let it bother me at all because you can't please everyone.

KoalaDownUnder Tue 23-Aug-16 13:03:18

Oh gosh, I was expecting Jayydynn!

Harrison is fine.

peaceloveandtwirlywoos Tue 23-Aug-16 13:06:13

You could shorten it to Harris, a Scottish island that makes world-famous tweed. Nothing chavvy about that!

ApocalypseNowt Tue 23-Aug-16 13:06:58

I like Harrison. Definitely not what I was expecting when you said people had said it's 'chavvy'.

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