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Elise, Tess or Ida?

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LoraLoves Sat 20-Aug-16 20:41:39

Think we will end up with a little Elise, Tess or Ida, if we have a daughter!
I will share sibling names as I'm only asking for help picking a name, I'm not exactly asking for advice on a legal issue!

So, Elise Winifred, Tess Louisa and Ida Alice is what I'm thinking at the moment but I might change my mind on the orders!
Do you think the names go well with older siblings, Nancy, Archie, Clara and Fox?
We really love Remy, Seth and Leo for a boy at the moment. Remy King/Remy Usain, Seth King/Seth Usain and Leo King/Leo Usain all seem great at the moment!

I'd love to know your opinions on the names we have chosen and would welcome responses. Thank you for the advice given on the other thread.
Marie is still in limbo atm as I still can't shake it's dated feeling.

Lo x

Ohsofat Sat 20-Aug-16 20:45:58

Elise is lovely and I think goes very well with sibling names. Also love your choice of boys names although not keen on the middle names for both girls & boys. Marie to me is neither good or bad it's pretty non describe sorry

mamalovebird Sat 20-Aug-16 20:49:40

I think Elise or Leo work best with the other names. Both lovely names.

LoraLoves Sat 20-Aug-16 21:04:01

Lovely thank you for the advice!

Lo x

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 20-Aug-16 21:12:48

I prefer Elise . However Marie isn't dated. It's fresh classic feminine stylish and very pretty, and it's certainly due a revival.

LoraLoves Sat 20-Aug-16 21:13:47

Lovely to hear your advice live!

Lo x

n0ne Sat 20-Aug-16 21:16:56

I love Ida Alice!

LoraLoves Sat 20-Aug-16 21:17:39

Ida is one of my favourites too but it doesn't appear to be very well-liked!

babyblabber Sat 20-Aug-16 21:21:10

Elise is beautiful. Love Leo too

user1471501988 Sat 20-Aug-16 21:23:33

I love Ida Alice, it goes very well with the names of your other children, also more unusual.
Leo Remy would be my choice, if you have a Son.

LoraLoves Sat 20-Aug-16 21:27:46

Have suddenly got all excited to be giving birth soon and holding a cuddly baby in my arms! Arrghhh!

LoraLoves Sat 20-Aug-16 21:30:06

Actually Leo Remy sounds lovely but King would be for Nat Cole King and Usain for Usain Bolt so Remy would lose that meaning to us.

HumphreyCobblers Sat 20-Aug-16 21:31:49

I like Ida Alice best, especially with your other names.

ClockMakerSue Sat 20-Aug-16 21:37:16

I love Ida too.

DownWithThisSortaThing Sat 20-Aug-16 21:39:03

Ida Alice is really nice!

thatsnotmybabyname Sat 20-Aug-16 21:40:06

Tess is a beautiful name. I often wonder why it isn't used more often!

twoundertwowillbefun Sat 20-Aug-16 21:40:40

I vote Ida too - it's my name and I have NEVER come across another one that I wasn't related to (family name as it was my grandmother's who died in childbirth with my father)

People always comment on it grin

shiteattheseaside Sat 20-Aug-16 21:41:56

Elise is absolutely gorgeous. Tess and ida not my cup of tea, but arnt bad either!

Nativitylobster Sat 20-Aug-16 21:47:52

Can't stand ida sorry

Asuitablemum Sat 20-Aug-16 22:55:16

I love Ida but all the ones I know are 'e-da's' rather than 'I-da's'. Think it's the continental pronunciation. Don't think it matters but worth bearing in mind.

Asuitablemum Sat 20-Aug-16 22:56:10

I love Tess too but Elise and Louise not so much. Perhaps not such strong sounding names.

Nospringflower Sat 20-Aug-16 23:25:15

Hate Ida, Elise is nice and Tess is lovely.

GreatFuckability Sun 21-Aug-16 01:54:18

Love Tess and like Ida.
Boys I really love Seth.

VioletBam Sun 21-Aug-16 01:56:35

I find Elise a bit weak. And what if the child lisps? Tess is beautiful. As is Marie.

Kittykatmacbill Sun 21-Aug-16 16:35:20

Elise is horribly 1980s, Tess(a) and Ida are lovely and go with their siblings better.

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