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Stuck for twin girls names

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zjhub Fri 12-Aug-16 08:35:14

Hi ladies I'm new to this! Looking for some inspiration, we are expecting twin girls in November, always had my heart set on Emelia for a girl, but really struggling with a second name, we liked Emmie but didn't want it to sound too similar I Love Imogen but Hubby hates it, w then picked Ayla but I've now gone off that. HELP blushconfused ( we already have two boys Charlie & Finley)

Horseshoe1 Fri 12-Aug-16 09:38:25

Hiya. Love Emilia. Emmie is a lovely nickname. How about...
Emilia and Louisa (Emmie and Lulu)
Emilia and Sophia
Emilia and Annabel (Emmie and Bel)

In prefer Isla to Ayla I think. Good luck!

TheEagle Fri 12-Aug-16 09:42:37

Congrats! Twins are super grin

How about:
Emilia and Ariana
Emilia and Pearl
Emilia and Maya
Emilia and Victoria

YouSay Fri 12-Aug-16 09:48:44

Emilia and Vivien
Emilia and Clarissa

zjhub Fri 12-Aug-16 09:49:18

I love maya! Unfortunately hubbys niece is called maya. I know a few Sophia's/annabels, it's just so hard sad every name I like hubby doesn't!! But then he's not exactly forth coming with ideas. angry anyone else's oh like this lol X

TheEagle Fri 12-Aug-16 09:51:30

Yep, my DH was a disaster when it came to choosing our twins' names. He vetoed nearly every boys' name that I liked!

We only settled on the names finally when we were driving to the maternity hospital in the dead of night after my waters broke grin

Zeusette Fri 12-Aug-16 09:52:24

Emilia and Marnie
Emilia and Georgie
Emilia and Edie
Emelia and Orla
Emelia and Hallie

Rainbowunicorn73 Fri 12-Aug-16 09:54:31

Emilia and Esther
Emilia and Evie
Emilia and Elodie
Emilia and Eloise
Emilia and Evanthe
Emilia and Erin.

zjhub Fri 12-Aug-16 09:59:19

Haha TheEagle I think that's what it's going to come to!! There are some lovely name ideas, I love Edie/Isla but know at least 3 of each shock the only name he really likes is rose, I'm not a fan of rose for a first name but I quite like rosalie but don't know if it's a bit too girly/twilight??

BellaVida Fri 12-Aug-16 10:08:23

Emilia & Isabella (Issy)
Emilia & Serena
Emilia & Olivia
Emilia & Georgia
Emilia & Carolina
Emilia & Alexandra
Emilia & Alexia
Emilia & Rosalind (Rosie)
Emilia & Penelope (Penny)
Emilia & Julieta

babyblabber Fri 12-Aug-16 11:14:37

Emilia and Rosalie are lovely together!

TheEagle Fri 12-Aug-16 11:15:33

I love Emilia and Rosalie as well!

SorenaJ Fri 12-Aug-16 12:11:57

Emelia and Joy
Emilia and Sarah
Emilia and Anna
Emilia and Alma
Emilia and Diana
Emilia and Alice
Emilia and Phoebe
Emilia and Portia
Emilia and Lucy
Emilia and Grace
Emilia and Harriet (Hattie)
Emilia and Jane

Sophronia Fri 12-Aug-16 13:40:55

Emilia and Olivia
Emilia and Alice
Emilia and Eliza
Emilia and Isabella
Emilia and Juliet
Emilia and Jemima
Emilia and Lucia
Emilia and Lara
Emilia and Matilda
Emilia and Ramona
Emilia and Violet
Emilia and Zara
Emilia and Ava
Emilia and Georgia
Emilia and Jessica
Emilia and Rosa
Emilia and Tessa

Middleoftheroad Fri 12-Aug-16 13:52:50

Hello and congratulations. I have 10 yr old twin boys and was conscious not to give them similar sounding names, names which start with same initial or even same number of syllables (perhaps I over thought it smile)

A great tip I had was to give twin B, as he was dubbed by sonographer, a name which came before twin A's name in the alphabet, which has worked for us, enabling the younger (by a whole minute) to be first sometimes!

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 12-Aug-16 19:13:59

Emilia and Belinda
Emilia and Suzannah
Emilia and Maria
Emilia and Jessica
Emilia and Grave
Emilia and Charlotte
Emilia and Laura
Emilia and Zara
Emilia and Georgia
Emilia aNd Freya
Emilia and Sienna
Emilia and Cecelia
Emilia and Anna

Doilooklikeatourist Fri 12-Aug-16 19:21:07

Emilia and Arabella
Emilia and Clarissa
Emilia and Charlotte
Emilia and Marianne / Mariana

pipnchops Fri 12-Aug-16 20:03:39

Emilia and Rosanna
Emilia and Charlotte


Surf25 Fri 12-Aug-16 21:11:35

I like Emilia and Rosie.
A kind of a compromise?! I quite like that they aren't matchy if you know what I mean! In a similar dilemma as we are expecting twins too although not sure if we'll fine out whether they are boys or girls. It is a big decision naming one, two is hard!!!

zjhub Sat 13-Aug-16 21:15:47

Oh congratulations Surf25. When are you due? How are u finding growing two small people? It's crazy isn't it. It's so so hard picking two names that compliment each other as well as my boys names too! X

DorothyHarris Sun 14-Aug-16 11:08:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Clankboing Sun 14-Aug-16 11:16:20

I like Emilia and Charlotte.

zjhub Mon 15-Aug-16 08:21:45

Thank you all for some lovely name ideas, me and hubby came to a compromise and seen as I was dead set on Emelia, I said he could pick the 2nd name( within reason because we know what men can be like hahaha) I THINK we have finally decided and Emelia rose and India rose. smilethank you for all the lovely suggestions xx

TheEagle Mon 15-Aug-16 09:10:45

Great news OP! Lovely names.

Ooh, I want another set of twins to give them some of all the gorgeous names on this thread grin

Surf25 Mon 15-Aug-16 12:38:55

Lovely choices op. Hope all goes well! Am enjoying carrying twins but yes it is quite crazy! I am avoiding thinking about names at the moment as it is just too difficult! I don't really want to find out whether they are boys or girls but dh wants to and I guess it may make it easier to pick names if we could narrow it down!! Am not due till December. All the best!

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