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Ugh, baby boy almost here and no name!

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Mollbie Thu 11-Aug-16 17:05:23

Cannot agree on this, we have completely different ideas!
My choices are:

DP likes:

Mollbie Thu 11-Aug-16 18:06:35


temporarilyjerry Thu 11-Aug-16 18:37:53

You have much better taste than him. wink

I love your list. Only like Rowan from his list. Archer is okay.

PlugUgly Thu 11-Aug-16 18:42:01

Ezra is about to become REALLY popular apparently ....
Theo is lovely

Missgraeme Thu 11-Aug-16 18:44:16

My ds is Roan. Always read Rowan as being the girls version.

Magazinepile Thu 11-Aug-16 18:46:11

Those are my faves
Other similars are:
Felix, Leo, Leon, Oscar, Ralph, rafe, ivo, arlo, miles, milo
Hope that helps X smile

Mollbie Thu 11-Aug-16 19:33:13

Thanks all! How about Elijah?

BretonTop Thu 11-Aug-16 19:39:58

You like two of my son's names!

It's so difficult, my dh and I have very different tastes, hard to compromise.

I also liked Blake, Rafferty and Charlie.

Fingers crossed it'll just come when baby comes and you meet him and spend time with him. Good luck smile

stonecircle Thu 11-Aug-16 19:44:41

Do you have to have a name before he arrives? I don't think any of ours did and ds3 was 'nameless' for about 2 weeks ...

MoreGilmoreGirls Thu 11-Aug-16 19:46:12

Ezra and Theo are both really popular at the minute.

BettyOBarley Thu 11-Aug-16 19:48:18

Theo and Elijah are lovely

Not keen on any of your DPs choices

HooseRice Thu 11-Aug-16 19:53:06

My friend's little both is Theo, I think it is adorable.

heknowsmysinsheseesmysoul Thu 11-Aug-16 20:12:08

I like Mason and love Cain. Not a fan of yours I'm afraid OP.

Mollbie Thu 11-Aug-16 20:13:59

Ha! Love Rafferty too, was vetoed by DP at first mention

Loyly Thu 11-Aug-16 20:16:15

Ezra and Theo are good. I don't like Niall and I really dislike your DP's whole list, sorry!

SlinkyB Thu 11-Aug-16 20:23:16

Same here Mollbie sad tbf, we're in the West Country where few people pronounce the 't' in the middle of a name, so Rafferty wouldn't have been great. I still sometimes call my youngest Raff in my head though and he's 2.5 haha.

Is this your first baby?

NapQueen Thu 11-Aug-16 20:25:24

Elijah from your list.

What about Elliot?

isitseptemberyet Fri 19-Aug-16 11:09:08

We named our son Cain ten years ago, obviously each to their own , but wanted to share my experience of the name - I hate it 😂 The only other times ive heard the name being used is whilst it was being screeched to a snotty boy running out of pound land into our path. And its another boys name in my son's school (except spelled Kayne) and they are the family always smoking outside the school gates, basically I hate my sons chavy name! I worry what connotations people will conjure about him upon hearing his name. Sorry if ive offended anyone, maybe its just that type of name around where i live !!

isitseptemberyet Fri 19-Aug-16 11:11:09

Id go with Theodore from ur list, great name 😊 I feel ur pain, I have nine weeks to come up with my 2nd sons name, we've narrowed it down to Hugo poss Leo.
Good luck !

Leta86 Fri 19-Aug-16 11:16:53

Why not go for a double, then? For example, pick two from both of your lists and call him, for example, Theo Rowan (my two favourites).

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 19-Aug-16 11:21:56

Elijah and Theo. Don't like DHs choices much, sorry. DH might surprise you. Mine vetoed all. Of my choices for DD, then when she arrived and he held her he said what about X, which was a name I'd wanted all along and he'd kept saying no!

DerelictMyBalls Fri 19-Aug-16 16:23:05

I love Mason and Elijah. Do you not like any of DP's ideas?

Mottled Fri 19-Aug-16 17:24:33

Like Niall and Rowan from the two lists.

septembersunshine Fri 19-Aug-16 17:34:31

Theo from your list. Elijah is nice too. I know of a gorgeous Eli so you could have that shortening. What about Oscar?

It's so hard to agree on a name! (we have a baby boy due in a week must have taken the entire pregnancy to agree on this one. We have another son and couldn't agree on anything. Ended up calling him Jack! although it suits him I think given some thought he might have been something else..)

Rowan Theo = nice, or Rowan Elijah. Don't like any of the others.

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