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Favourite unusual girl's name?

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ItchyFoot Wed 10-Aug-16 20:47:45

If you had to pick one what would your favourite unusual girl's name be?

SimplyNigella Wed 10-Aug-16 21:03:54

I'm not sure what counts as unusual but a name I really like but don't often hear is Lyra.

PaintedDrivesAndPolishedGrass Wed 10-Aug-16 21:07:32

Zosia, it's Polish.

toffeeboffin Wed 10-Aug-16 21:08:13


Buggers Wed 10-Aug-16 21:08:28


BikeRunSki Wed 10-Aug-16 21:08:58


Not odd, but unusual in that I think I have only ever known 1.

Magazinepile Wed 10-Aug-16 21:09:28


workshyfop Wed 10-Aug-16 21:11:15


Chippednailvarnishing Wed 10-Aug-16 21:12:03


RosieTheQueenOfCorona Wed 10-Aug-16 21:13:26


Augustwedding Wed 10-Aug-16 21:16:05


JuniorMint Wed 10-Aug-16 21:19:41


Asuitablemum Wed 10-Aug-16 21:20:47

Iona and Xanthe

marmiteloversunite Wed 10-Aug-16 21:21:23

Sabella or Bronte.

mrsclooneytoyou Wed 10-Aug-16 21:30:24

Serendipity. Love its meaning, although I was to scared to use it.

neonrainbow Wed 10-Aug-16 21:31:45

Not that unusual but claudia. Also aurelia.

ItchyFoot Wed 10-Aug-16 21:32:20

Love Lyra and Xanthe

LynetteScavo Wed 10-Aug-16 21:36:12


crazylittlething Wed 10-Aug-16 21:38:04


HelenF35 Wed 10-Aug-16 21:41:12

Xanthe is my favourite girls name. Love it. It was my choice if I'd had a girl (DP did not agree) but I had a boy and we both agreed on one boys name thank goodness, no agreement on any girls names.

ItchyFoot Wed 10-Aug-16 21:45:59

Evangeline was on the shortlist for dd1

3luckystars Wed 10-Aug-16 21:50:42


Amythest001 Wed 10-Aug-16 21:52:05

Not unusual but I love the name Elliot for a girl

ItchyFoot Wed 10-Aug-16 21:58:11

Like Indiana but it's too close to dd1's name

Aftershock15 Wed 10-Aug-16 21:58:42

Meredith - but we only had boys (& dh hated it)

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