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prettypinklady Sun 07-Aug-16 13:34:31

What are your thoughts on Connie? It's really starting to grow on me and I think it sounds lovely with the middle name Rose. DH is not sure, so would like some more useful

MrsBosh Sun 07-Aug-16 14:24:56

I like it! Had a Great Aunt Connie. Is it short for anything?

Madbengalmum Sun 07-Aug-16 14:25:29

Like it, very sweet.

MrsWotzername Sun 07-Aug-16 14:35:28

I have one. She is Constance, but nicknamed Connie or sometimes Coco.

She is 3 and a cheeky ball of michief. We get nothing but compliments on her name.

foodiefil Sun 07-Aug-16 14:47:16

Connie is cute.

Connie Rose. I'm seeing one of those old fashioned gypsy caravans - a fiver for your fortune.

prettypinklady Tue 09-Aug-16 12:27:13

Yes, I like both Constance and Connie so would name her Constance, but call her Conniesmile

MrsWotzername Tue 09-Aug-16 19:14:01

You have excellent taste wink

Worth saying my DH liked it but wasn't 100% sold on it before she was born. But he couldn't come up with anything else we really liked and I wasn't budging as I loved it so much. He loves her name now and is really glad we went for something a more unusual.

MrsGsnow18 Tue 09-Aug-16 20:36:26

I love Connie. I prefer Connie to Constance but do think Full names are always better on birth Certificate.

KERALA1 Tue 09-Aug-16 20:44:34

Lovely. Though my granny had a well meaning though extremely loud friend called this. She was a nice lady, if only in very small doses.

Magazinepile Tue 09-Aug-16 20:48:35

Timeless classic which isn't an "adult name" eg Barbara or "child name" eg milly

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Tue 09-Aug-16 21:49:17

The only Connie I ever knew was an elderly neighbour of my granny's who was always saying, 'Seventy-five, and everybody says I'm wonderful!'
Needless to say it was about the last name I'd ever have picked for my dds.

akorda Thu 11-Aug-16 21:06:10

Love it!

Trinpy Thu 11-Aug-16 21:10:19

It's top of my list if I ever have a dd. Love it!

HoneyDragon Thu 11-Aug-16 21:13:41

I've got one. Dh picked it. She's Connie on her birth cert too.

Joinourclub Thu 11-Aug-16 23:11:43

Love it!

ScarletWings Sat 13-Aug-16 11:19:45

I like Connie Rose smile

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