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Naming baby lestrade

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Timesrchanging Tue 19-Jul-16 22:43:39

Apologies for two threads but was worried might be buried in my other thread about surnames as Christian names. What do people think of lestrade as a name to go with jackson as a middle name. Too wierd?

Am aware of the sherlock connection although don't watch it. (Dp does). Would that make a difference to people.

Vixxfacee Tue 19-Jul-16 22:47:22

Pretty bad.

Raines100 Tue 19-Jul-16 22:53:13

Absolutely thought Sherlock Homes, I'm afraid, followed by one of Anne Rice's vampires. Also, it means 'roads'.

pieceofpurplesky Tue 19-Jul-16 22:57:42

Just no.

ICJump Tue 19-Jul-16 23:11:05

It's a no from me.

ophiotaurus Tue 19-Jul-16 23:13:25

Sounds like Lestat from interview with a vampire so no. Please don't.

DraenorQueen Tue 19-Jul-16 23:13:28

Nooo. His first name wasn't even Lestrade; it was Greg. What about Greg?

VimFuego101 Tue 19-Jul-16 23:16:41

It sounds like a contraceptive pill tbh.

elephantoverthehill Tue 19-Jul-16 23:18:52

I think it might be pronounced 'Les-trade' which might sound like some dodgy 70s wife swapping 3 in a bed thing. Sorry.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Tue 19-Jul-16 23:22:18

Looks pretty but written down, but. It could read to some as Letstrade

NickiFury Tue 19-Jul-16 23:24:56


FellOutOfBed2wice Tue 19-Jul-16 23:26:31

It's a no from me too. It just doesn't sound like a name, it sounds like (as a PP said) a contraceptive pill or some kind of female condom.

SaggyNaggy Tue 19-Jul-16 23:27:14

Inspector Lestrades first name is Greg? Where did that come from?

But no, a child called Lestrade would be odd, though there's worse out there.

Tiggeryoubastard Tue 19-Jul-16 23:28:54

It has the bonus of making Jackson look better.
They are both hideous, please don't do that to the poor child.

LucyInTheSkyWithDonuts Tue 19-Jul-16 23:30:25

Weird. Very very weird.

Wordsaremything Tue 19-Jul-16 23:30:44

Ridiculous. Balonz is preferable.

EssentialHummus Tue 19-Jul-16 23:32:06


justdontevenfuckingstart Tue 19-Jul-16 23:34:41

When he has run off can you hear yourself calling 'Lestrade! Lestrade Jackson get back here'

meowli Tue 19-Jul-16 23:42:29

It will immediately be shortened to Les. Also he'll have a lifetime of spelling/explaining/being in denial about his name. "No, Lestrade....L..E..S..T..R..A..D..E. Oh, never mind....Jackson".

PenguinsAreAce Tue 19-Jul-16 23:44:20

What, like balustrade?

meowli Tue 19-Jul-16 23:46:33

Inspector Lestrades first name is Greg? Where did that come from?

I think it's only the modern Lestrade, in Sherlock, who's called Greg.

meowli Tue 19-Jul-16 23:48:57

What, like balustrade?

Genius! Balustrade is the perfect blend of Balonz and Lestrade. How about Balustrade, op?

LovelyBranches Tue 19-Jul-16 23:49:54

I'm not a fan sorry. Have you thought of Iestyn?

MarriedinMaui Wed 20-Jul-16 00:09:08

I wouldn't.

Similar sounding alternatives:

Other surname or first name names:

Unusual old fashioned type names

MarriedinMaui Wed 20-Jul-16 00:09:39

Any of those take your fancy?

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