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Thurlow Mon 11-Jul-16 10:52:25

DP has always wanted a DS called this, it's an important family name for him.

I've spent fifteen years joking swearing that I'd never have a son called Douglas.

But now we are having a DS, I'm almost changing my mind...

Good or bad? I used to think it was awful but maybe not so much. I think my biggest concern was always that "Doug" might be great for a cool, rugby playing 16 year old but not so good on a slightly less confident boy, say. But then there are so many different names used nowadays, maybe that doesn't matter anymore?

Aphie Mon 11-Jul-16 10:54:17

Well my awkward geeky anti social brother is Doug. It suits him a lot. I don't think it's a name limited to anyone anymore. I love the name

blueskyinmarch Mon 11-Jul-16 10:54:53

I love the name Douglas but i am Scottish and it is a fairly popular name here. My hairdresser is called Douglas. He utterly gorgeous and is one of my favourite people in the whole world.

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 11-Jul-16 10:55:58

I really like it it's popular with the 'cool, hipster' type parents which I not but I still like it smile and Dougie as nn

LadyMonicaBaddingham Mon 11-Jul-16 10:57:34

Dougie is so cute for a little boy!

MilesHuntsWig Mon 11-Jul-16 10:57:54

It's lovely

Thurlow Mon 11-Jul-16 10:59:05

I don't think it's a name limited to anyone anymore

Yeah, I think this was a snap decision I made when I first hear the name from DP all those years ago and I've not really stepped back and thought about it properly since!

He would definitely be a Doug or Dougie when little.

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Mon 11-Jul-16 11:06:46

A good name that.

Bluesand1 Mon 11-Jul-16 11:52:41

Nice name I like it

DamsonGinIsMyThing Mon 11-Jul-16 11:53:59

It's literally my most favourite boys name of all time. Ever.
My stupid ovaries won't let me have babies and I love that you're thinking about using this name smile

outputgap Mon 11-Jul-16 11:56:18

I really like it. Do it.

EllaHen Mon 11-Jul-16 11:57:48

When I was a kid I thought Douglas was an awful name.

Now though, I like it. In Scotland, Dougie is pronounced 'Doo-gie' rather than 'Duggie'.

MrsGsnow18 Mon 11-Jul-16 12:31:39

I like it a lot. Love Doug and Dougie as NNs

iloveberries Mon 11-Jul-16 12:43:34

We like this one too. Go for it!

WellErrr Mon 11-Jul-16 12:52:30

It's lovely. I like Dougie.

ShallNotBeNamed Mon 11-Jul-16 13:11:58

My DS is Dougie, he is 18 months old now and I've not heard of another little one! I absolutely love it, people always comment on how much they like it! grin

Thurlow Mon 11-Jul-16 13:17:56

It doesn't feel like a baby's name, but then DD has a mouthful of a name that doesn't feel like a baby's name, so I don't know why I'm getting so bothered about that!

HooseRice Mon 11-Jul-16 13:19:41

Fabulous name.

Sophronia Mon 11-Jul-16 15:34:56

Love it.

SteviebunsBottrittrundle Mon 11-Jul-16 15:49:02

I like it! smile

Tinklypoo Mon 11-Jul-16 15:54:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pinkgeek Mon 11-Jul-16 16:00:01

My dh is a Douglas and I love it! He's such a gent and very clever too. I'm a teacher and never taught a Doug so it's not too common either! (England)

DorothyBastard Mon 11-Jul-16 16:11:04

I have a Douglas, he's 9mo and really suits it. We call him Doug, Dougie (which we pronounce 'duggee') and Douglas.

smartyclogs Mon 11-Jul-16 17:27:27

Sorry, I may be the only one so far, but I'm not keen on it at all.
It goes together with names like Trevor, Duncan and Barry imo.
All of which are equally bad.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Mon 11-Jul-16 17:36:42

Good solid name, I can picture a sturdy toddler concentrating on a task. After 15 years' brainwashing by DP maybe not surprising you've warmed to it!

(Anyone else recall the "ER" character Doug Ross?).

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