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Golfbuggy1 Sun 03-Jul-16 07:44:13

I don't mind cat associations nor the inevitable Tabby and Tabs, particularly.

Interested to hear thoughts other than those! I love it and dh actually agrees 'it's ok' shock

buntingbingo Sun 03-Jul-16 07:54:20

I think that the nicknames are usually they only issue people have with the name Tabitha, so if you like them then go for it. I think it's a beautiful name and the nicknames are cute but also 'cool' for a teen/young person. But she can always stick with the full name when she's older.

Stumbleine Sun 03-Jul-16 07:59:30

One of my favourite names! We almost used it for our last dd. Dh not so keen this time around and I have also decided the syllables are a bit of a mouthful with our surname.

sonlypuppyfat Sun 03-Jul-16 07:59:42

It makes me think of cats and witches, sorry

JasperDamerel Sun 03-Jul-16 08:01:30

I really like it. Two of my friends have daughters called Tabitha.

TroysMammy Sun 03-Jul-16 08:04:55

I've always loved it. I know a little girl called Tabby and she's lovely and an absolute delight.

timelytess Sun 03-Jul-16 08:06:13

Fabulous name. My rabbit (one of them) was called Tabitha.

cosmicglittergirl Sun 03-Jul-16 08:16:22

One of my favourite names!

2ManySweets Sun 03-Jul-16 08:18:17

I love those even if I do associate it with Tabitha Twitchet (of Beatrix Potter fame)

V nearly called DD that but another name made the final cut x

RadicalPessimist Sun 03-Jul-16 08:20:52

I love it. The Tabitha I know is a teenager and is knows as 'Tab' or 'Tabs'.

rainytea Sun 03-Jul-16 08:43:56

Love it. Only reason DD isn't that is because it's not pronounced "properly" in DH's language.

Liz09 Sun 03-Jul-16 10:36:05

I've never known anyone named Tabitha, so it reminds me of three things:

1. Tabitha from Bewitched
2. Martha B. Rabbit and Tabitha Cat
3. Tabitha Twitchit from the Beatrix Potter books

I wouldn't say any of them are "bad" associations, but they're not great associations either. It just depends on whether or not it bothers you. smile

Sophronia Sun 03-Jul-16 11:15:16

I love it!

MidnightVelvetthe5th Sun 03-Jul-16 12:06:43

I like it, don't let people telling you its a cats name put you off! My DS is called what people would say is a dog's name (Max) but I've never met a dog called Max & he would find it funny if he did!

Tabitha is lovely, I also like Tamsin or Thomasin from the Thomas Hardy book

nectarini1983 Sun 03-Jul-16 16:01:05

If you don't mind the 'cat' thing then for it!

MrsGsnow18 Sun 03-Jul-16 16:54:43

I absolutely love it!!! Really like the nicknames too. I've never met a Tabitha so don't imagine it's that common either which is good.

fattyfattytoadgirl Sun 03-Jul-16 16:59:30

I LOVE that name.

I also love Tabby and Tabs (but then I love cats too!).

I have often thought about changing my name and Tabitha would be a name I'd like for myself. However, I don't think I really look like a Tabitha and likely couldn't carry it off.

mrsclooneytoyou Sun 03-Jul-16 17:11:13

It's adorable

TheHobbitMum Sun 03-Jul-16 17:11:16

My last DD is a Tabitha, we love it (obviously). There isn't any others around, that we know off, in school, clubs etc Her nickname is Tabby, Tabs or TibbyTabbyToo lol

Oysterbabe Sun 03-Jul-16 17:20:47

I like it and I think Tabs is a cute nn.

TheHobbitMum Sun 03-Jul-16 17:35:05

Oh her second name is Rose. We left it to the other 3 kids to choose, our son loved Dr Who's Rose character so put that forward and it goes together very well x

Golfbuggy1 Sun 03-Jul-16 20:52:03

I wasn't expecting such a lot of support for it! Thanks everyone, so far it's the only name we've agreed on, and now mn has okayed it, it can stay top of the list smile

Eeeek686 Sun 03-Jul-16 20:54:19

Totally love it!!! DD2 was to be Tabitha but she turned out to be DS..... grin

PterodactylToenails Sun 03-Jul-16 22:37:05

I never used to like it and it did used to remind me of cats. BUT I met a newborn Tabitha the other day and I thought the name sounded lovely, I also thought it was refreshing to hear a name which isn't so overused.

Rowenleaves Mon 04-Jul-16 14:15:44

My favourite girls name! If I ever have a girl this is what she will be called.

Other girls names I love are: Lydia, Matilda, Rosalind and Anna.

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