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Mine and my partner's final lists

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LittleLives1 Sat 02-Jul-16 21:10:57

Please offer you likes/dislikes, general comments, ratings or anything else on these two lists of names that we are trying to narrow down. The middle names Catherine, Naomi and Fraser are family names so their spellings won't be altered. Thanks for your help smile

My partners list
Please give any comments, ratings, personal images of these names which are part of the long list of my partners final names. Thanks
Mirren Rose
Daniel Luke
Arya Catherine
Rory Luke
Lyra Catherine
Isaac Fraser
Oliver Luke
Merida Catherine
Luke Fraser
Linnet Catherine
Deliah Rose
Merryn Catherine
Aoiffe Rose
Jacob Fraser
Christopher Luke
Esme Rose
Norah Catherine
Dawson Fraser
Luna Abigail
Rowan Catherine
Rowan Fraser

My list
: Daniel Fraser (b)
Rory Alexander (b)
Isaac Hunter (b)
Oliver James (b)
Merida Elisa (g)
Luke Alexander (b)
Seraphina Naomi (g)
Aoiffe Catherine (g)
Mirriam Elisa (g)
Christopher (no middle) (b)
Esme Naomi (g)
Nova Catherine (g)
Nico Hunter (b)
Lydia Naomi (g)
Luna Naomi (g)
Rowan Fraser (b)

DeltaSunrise Sat 02-Jul-16 21:44:53

Mirren Rose - Love Mirren, Rose is a bit boring as a middle name though and I say that as someone with Rose as their middle name) Mirren Naomi is great.
Daniel Luke - Nice but very normal name. Nothing wrong with it though
Arya Catherine - Like Arya but with it being a GOT name, feel it wil date quite quickly.
Rory Luke - Love Rory, not keen on Luke
Lyra Catherine - Lovely
Isaac Fraser - Isaac nice but I really like Fraser. Can you not use this as a first name?
Oliver Luke - See Daniel Luke
Merida Catherine - Lovely
Luke Fraser - See Isaac Fraser
Linnet Catherine - Unusual, I like it.
Deliah Rose - Not keen
Merryn Catherine - Love
Aoiffe Rose - Love Aoiffe, but prefer Aoifee Catherine
Jacob Fraser - Great name, I have a Jacob but it is very popular now
Christopher Luke - Like Christopher, love Kit as a nn
Esme Rose - seems to be very popular in combination but nice enough name
Norah Catherine - This is very cute
Dawson Fraser - See Isaac Fraser
Luna Abigail - I like Luna and Abigail but not sure they go together with the 2 A's
Rowan Catherine - Love
Rowan Fraser - Love

: Daniel Fraser (b) Again love Fraser
Rory Alexander (b) Love this.
Isaac Hunter (b) - Nice
Oliver James (b) - See Daniel Luke
Merida Elisa (g) - I think Marida Catherine sounds better
Luke Alexander (b) - Love Alexander
Seraphina Naomi (g) - Cute name, love Sephie as nn
Aoiffe Catherine (g) - I love this, see Aoiffe suggestion on your dh's list
Mirriam Elisa (g) - Again, prefer Mirriam Catherine
Christopher (no middle) (b) - See Christopher Luke
Esme Naomi (g) - See Esme Rose, but I do like Naomi
Nova Catherine (g) - Love this
Nico Hunter (b) - * Love Nico, it's on my list*
Lydia Naomi (g) - Cute
Luna Naomi (g) - Cute
Rowan Fraser (b) - Love


I love Rowan Fraser from both your lists but would ask if you had considered using Fraser as a first name as it's just lovely.

Also Rory Alexander and Nico Hunter.

Aoifee Catherine is a gorgeous name but I also love Mirren Catherine and Nova Catherine.

There's no names that I actively dislike on your list. Some I find a bit plain but are still perfectly nice names and some I love.

They are great lists. Good Luck.

DeltaSunrise Sat 02-Jul-16 21:49:25

And please excuse the different spellings of Aoiffe. My phone really doesn't like it.

Is it supposed to be spelt Aoife maybe?

Mirren Rose - no
Daniel Luke - far prefer it the other way around
Arya Catherine - no
Rory Luke - no
Lyra Catherine - yes
Isaac Fraser - Yes to Isaac, no to Fraser
Oliver Luke - yes
Merida Catherine - no
Luke Fraser - no
Linnet Catherine - hideous
Deliah Rose - no
Merryn Catherine - no
Aoiffe Rose = no
Jacob Fraser - no
Christopher Luke - fab - love it
Esme Rose - yes
Norah Catherine - no
Dawson Fraser - dreadful
Luna Abigail - no
Rowan Catherine - no. Love Rowan for a boy; hate it for a girl
Rowan Fraser - hate Fraser; love Rowan

: Daniel Fraser (b) - Daniel is ok
Rory Alexander (b) - hate
Isaac Hunter (b) - hate Hunter
Oliver James (b) Too Jamie Oliver
Merida Elisa (g) A real mouthful
Luke Alexander (b) - Love Luke
Seraphina Naomi (g) Love Naomi; hate Seraphina
Aoiffe Catherine (g) - no
Mirriam Elisa (g) no
Christopher (no middle) (b) Needs a mn
Esme Naomi (g) - lovely
Nova Catherine (g) - horrible
Nico Hunter (b) - horrible
Lydia Naomi (g) - lovely
Luna Naomi (g) - not loving Luna
Rowan Fraser (b) - love Rowan; hate Fraser

Liz09 Sat 02-Jul-16 22:04:22

- Arya Catherine (although I prefer the spelling Aria... Arya is very Game of Thrones)
- Oliver Luke
- Luke Fraser
- Christopher Luke
- Jacob Fraser
- Esme Rose
- Norah Catherine (prefer the spelling Nora)
- Luna Abigail
- Rowan Fraser

- Rory Alexander
- Oliver James
- Luke Alexander
- Seraphina Naomi
- Luna Naomi

My favourite boy name would be either Luke Alexander or Rowan Fraser, and favourite girl name is Seraphina Naomi (gorgeous!)

mellmumma Sat 02-Jul-16 22:42:53

My faves!

Merida Catherine star
Merryn Catherine star
Jacob Fraser star
Dawson Fraser star
Rowan Fraser star
Isaac Hunter (b) star
Nico Hunter (b) star

Quercus3 Sat 02-Jul-16 22:44:42

Favourites from your partners list are

Isaac Fraser (lovely)

Merida Catherine
Rowan Catherine

Favourites from your list are

Rory Alexander

Mirriam Elisa (prefer Miriam spelling, but both these names are great. Love Mimi and Miri as nicknames too)
Nova Catherine

swancourt Tue 05-Jul-16 20:51:20

Aoife Catherine or Merryn Rose for a girl; Rowan Fraser for a boy.

These aren't exactly the names I'd personally choose, but based on the most overlap between you and your partner, and on the combinations of names that crop up most between you, I'd go for these. And they're all lovely names.

nilbyname Tue 05-Jul-16 20:53:50

Luna and Rowan

The only one I really don't like is Ayra, but too game of thrones for me.

Artandco Tue 05-Jul-16 21:09:13

Nora Catherine Rose

Rory Fraser Alexander

MeLittleDuckie Tue 05-Jul-16 21:17:26

Mirren Rose - Really pretty
Daniel Luke - Prefer Luke Daniel but depends on surname
Arya Catherine - very GoT, prefer Aria. I like Catherine (not Katherine)
Rory Luke - Dislike Rory
Lyra Catherine - Too much like Lycra
Isaac Fraser - I like Isaac, not so much Fraser
Oliver Luke - Nice
Merida Catherine - Fab
Luke Fraser - Like Luke, not so much Fraser
Linnet Catherine - Dislike Linnet
Deliah Rose - Is it supposed to be Delilah? Either way no...
Merryn Catherine - Lovely
Aoiffe Rose - I like Aoife but be prepared for everyone to call her Eva.
Jacob Fraser - Love Jacob, not Fraser
Christopher Luke - Lovely
Esme Rose - Meh
Norah Catherine - Too old lady for me
Dawson Fraser - Too Dawson Creek.
Luna Abigail - I love Luna but it's so Harry Potter. But at least she's a great character, so if the connection doesn't bother you go straight ahead, top name. Dislike Abigail.
Rowan Catherine - Meh
Rowan Fraser - Meh

My list
: Daniel Fraser (b) - Meh
Rory Alexander (b) - Not a fan of Rory
Isaac Hunter (b) - Don't like Hunter
Oliver James (b) - lovely
Merida Elisa (g) - lovely
Luke Alexander (b) - lovely
Seraphina Naomi (g) - Seraphina's a bit too much I think
Aoiffe Catherine (g) - See above, would have to be Aoife though
Mirriam Elisa (g) - Dislike Mirriam, Miriam slightly better. Elisa a bit meh.
Christopher (no middle) (b) - Nice, but I like a middle name.
Esme Naomi (g) - Not a fan of Esme
Nova Catherine (g) - Not a fan of Nova
Nico Hunter (b) - Dislike
Lydia Naomi (g) - Nice
Luna Naomi (g) - See above
Rowan Fraser (b) - Nope.

FlowerOfTheWest Tue 05-Jul-16 21:22:14

DO NOT use Isaac Hunter. Sounds like you are saying cunt if you say it fast and run the names together.

Liz09 Tue 05-Jul-16 22:25:17

Oop, FlowerOfTheWest has a good point. Never noticed that. blush

swancourt Tue 05-Jul-16 23:16:05

Oh my God yes Isaac Hunter - no way!

Cathaka15 Tue 05-Jul-16 23:23:40

Esme Rose star & Rowan Fraser star

MadameJosephine Tue 05-Jul-16 23:29:20

My favourite babes from your lists are actually ones you've picked for middle names, Elisa and Fraser

Elisa Rose
Fraser James

MadameJosephine Tue 05-Jul-16 23:30:05

Babes? Stupid phone - favourite names

AGBforever Wed 06-Jul-16 03:04:31

Lots of great names here, I really love both Merida and Merryn. Seems like you both love similar names so consider a whiteboard of favourites which you get to look at everyday till you find the names/combination that you love. (We were nearly at our legal limit of 6 weeks before we named dd2)

CourtJester Wed 06-Jul-16 11:16:46

Just my initial thoughts...

Mirren Rose - Very Old fashioned.
Daniel Luke - Lovely, traditional names.
Arya Catherine - Never heard of Arya, sounds made up (is it something GoTs? Never seen it).
Rory Luke - Lovely, one of my favourites, traditional without being boring.
Lyra Catherine - Lovely, bit unusual combined with traditional, one of my favourites.
Isaac Fraser - Like Isaac, Fraser reminds me of a dog.
Oliver Luke - Very nice, traditional, and love the nn Olly.
Merida Catherine - I like it, although reminds me of the Disney Princess if that's what you're going for.
Luke Fraser - Love Luke, Fraser is a dog.
Linnet Catherine - Never heard of Linnet, but i would have presumed it was a male name, so not keen.
Deliah Rose - Nice, but possibly a bit too flowery?
Merryn Catherine - Old fashioned
Aoiffe Rose - Not keen, just don't like the spelling (and i can never pronounce it)
Jacob Fraser - Jacob is okay, Fraser is a dog.
Christopher Luke - Love it, Christopher doesn't seem to be used much now, but its lovely
Esme Rose - Just okay, bit meh.
Norah Catherine - Qiute old fashioned.
Dawson Fraser - Too American (It's a surname!)
Luna Abigail - Love! Both names are lovely, and slightly unusual without being werid.
Rowan Catherine - I don't like Rowan, i don't think it works well for male or female.
Rowan Fraser - Don't like Rowan, doesn't sound right.

My list
: Daniel Fraser (b) - Daniel nice, Fraser not.
Rory Alexander (b) - Lovely, traditional but slightly unusual
Isaac Hunter (b) - Do not like Hunter, too American (It's a surname!)
Oliver James (b) - Lovely, and i love Olly as a nn
Merida Elisa (g) - Nice, but i prefer Elise or Eliza, i don't really know how to pronounce Elisa.
Luke Alexander (b) - Nice, traditional, lovely.
Seraphina Naomi (g) - Nice, and i like Sera for a nn.
Aoiffe Catherine (g) - Do not like Aoiffe, spelling or pronounciation.
Mirriam Elisa (g) - Too old fashioned.
Christopher (no middle) (b) - Christopher is lovely and underused!
Esme Naomi (g) - Okay, nothing special
Nova Catherine (g) - Nova is okay, a bit unusual compared to your other choices
Nico Hunter (b) - Prefer Nicholas over Nico. Hunter is a surname
Lydia Naomi (g) - Don't like Lydia, too harsh sounding.
Luna Naomi (g) - Love Luna, Naomi is okay
Rowan Fraser (b) - Don't like Rowan for boy or girl

finova Wed 06-Jul-16 20:19:44

My partners list
Please give any comments, ratings, personal images of these names which are part of the long list of my partners final names. Thanks

I've starred 8/10 or above!

Mirren Rose. 7/10
Daniel Luke 7/10
Arya Catherine 2/10 (racist connotation)
*Rory Luke 8/10
Lyra Catherine 4/10
*Isaac Fraser 8/10
*Oliver Luke 9/10
Merida Catherine 2/10
*Luke Fraser 8/10
Linnet Catherine 5/10 (bird seed but pretty)
Deliah Rose 6/10
Merryn Catherine 7/10
* Aoiffe Rose 8/10
Jacob Fraser 7/10
Christopher Luke 4/10
* Esme Rose 8/10
Norah Catherine 7/10
Dawson Fraser 2/10
Luna Abigail 2/10
Rowan Catherine 6/10
Rowan Fraser 7/10

My list
: Daniel Fraser (b) 7/10
*Rory Alexander (b) 9/10
Isaac Hunter (b) 2/10 (hate Hunter)
*Oliver James (b) 9/10
Merida Elisa (g) 4/10
*Luke Alexander (b) 8/10
* Seraphina Naomi (g) 8/10
Aoiffe Catherine (g) 7/10
Mirriam Elisa (g) 6/10
Christopher (no middle) (b) 4/10
Esme Naomi (g) 7/10
Nova Catherine (g) 2/10
Nico Hunter (b) 0/10
Lydia Naomi (g) 6/10
Luna Naomi (g) 5/10
Rowan Fraser (b) 7/10

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