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Eden for a boy?

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user1467251298 Thu 30-Jun-16 03:04:46


Do you like the name Eden for a boy? I am 33 weeks pregnant and we still don't have a name .... Help! We already have a 2 years old son called Kiran.


Pemba Thu 30-Jun-16 03:44:11

I know it can be used for boys, but seems quite girly to me.

Sophronia Thu 30-Jun-16 10:10:01

I prefer it for a boy

nectarini1983 Thu 30-Jun-16 10:11:03

I ony know it on girls.

redhat Thu 30-Jun-16 10:15:01

Eden is very girly

blueskyinmarch Thu 30-Jun-16 10:15:46

The only Eden i know is a girl so it sounds very feminine to me.

cantthinkofanythingwitty Thu 30-Jun-16 10:17:00

I only know one person called Eden. They are now a 25year old man

AnchorDownDeepBreath Thu 30-Jun-16 10:17:49

Eden Hazard seems to do fine!

GoldPlatedBacon Thu 30-Jun-16 10:18:49

There's a Belgian Chelsea footballer called Eden Hazard although I think it's pronounced Ed-En rather than Eeeden

MyKingdomForBrie Thu 30-Jun-16 10:19:04

I only know Kiran as a girls name! I like the name Eden but it is more frequently used for girls I think so expect some confusion.

Rowenleaves Thu 30-Jun-16 17:50:31

I know one female and one male Eden. I love it for both!

EllenDegenerate Thu 30-Jun-16 18:09:48

My almost eleven year old son is named Eden.

Ive only ever known male ones

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