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Are these sibling names too similar?

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Merimum Tue 28-Jun-16 12:22:53

I have a DS called Cohan (pn: Co-an) and am due another baby shortly, although don't know if it's a boy or girl. Been thinking of Cole, but worried it's too similar to Cohan when said fast. Would love some opinions.

LemonBreeland Tue 28-Jun-16 12:24:40

I think they are a little similar.

MrsChrisPratt Tue 28-Jun-16 12:26:08

I think they are a bit similar to be honest. It doesn't matter that much but it could be confusing especially as Cohan is quite unusual and could be pronounced incorrectly on its own anyway.

FWIW I do really like Cohan grin

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Tue 28-Jun-16 12:28:58

Yes, I think they are too similar really.

WellErrr Tue 28-Jun-16 12:37:17


PotteringAlong Tue 28-Jun-16 12:38:58


Merimum Tue 28-Jun-16 12:41:29

Crap!! Was hoping u would all say no and I was just being silly. Only other option is Jonah but I'm having a wobble over it after being set on it from the start.

Icecappedpinetrees Tue 28-Jun-16 12:41:33


MrsChrisPratt Tue 28-Jun-16 13:02:42

Jonah is lovely

DramaAlpaca Tue 28-Jun-16 13:04:12

They are a bit too similar, sorry.

Jonah is a lovely alternative & goes really well with Cohan.

Merimum Tue 28-Jun-16 13:14:57

I didn't absolutely love Cohan when we choose it, we literally had nothing else and it ticked all the boxes. But we love it now. Jonah is the same really, and I've found nothing else I like since DS was born 5 years ago.

GoldPlatedBacon Tue 28-Jun-16 14:16:56

Yes too similar but Jonah Cole works

LadyAntonella Tue 28-Jun-16 14:39:04

Cole is too similar yes. Jonah is a lovely alternative smile.

NannyPlumsRuleofThumb Wed 29-Jun-16 10:55:27

Sorry op I don't think Jonah works either.

Cohan and Jonah, too many o and a sounds with the a in and.

sofato5miles Wed 29-Jun-16 11:01:19

Could your third be Trojan

Homemama Wed 29-Jun-16 11:13:09

Jonah is better but I still think they sound too similar with too many 'o' sounds.

Lighteningirll Wed 29-Jun-16 11:17:09

I like Cohan and Cole I don't think they are toooo similar just similar enough. Cohan and Jonah are way too similar Jonah will get called Johan and Cohan will get called Conah. grin at Trojan

Wishfulmakeupping Wed 29-Jun-16 11:19:25

Sorry op I don't think Cole or Jonah would work with Cohan sad way too similar sounding.
My oh suggested Cole and Jonah when we were expecting and also loved Arlo so that might be up your street?

QOD Wed 29-Jun-16 11:21:31

I don't think they are

A friend had brothers called Collum cormack Connor and somethin else C. I make her say it sometimes cos it's so cool

nectarini1983 Wed 29-Jun-16 14:28:11

Jonah and Cohan have got 4 out of 5 letters the same so thing it sounds and looks clumsy as a pair. Really like Cole but agree that sounds too like Cogan. When is baby due? I'm sure you'll find something perfect.

Noah is same letters again! How about Tate? Dexter? Cassius? Ezra?

Good luck!

SnoopDoggyDogg Wed 29-Jun-16 14:33:10

I love Cohan and Cole, I think they are fine together but then two of my kids have a K name and a C name so sound quite similar too. I know a Connor and Callum and their sibling has a K name.
I also know sisters Lily and Layla so I think some people like certain sounds of names and stick with a theme. Go for it I say.

candykane25 Wed 29-Jun-16 14:40:38

I share an initial with DSis and it's confusing for post and appointments and so on.
I don't think Cohan and Jonah are similar. Cohan and Rohan would be but not Jonah. It might get shortened to Jo so Jo and Co might be very similar,
Cole in its self is a lovely name.
Noel ?

Merimum Thu 30-Jun-16 14:59:44

I don't get the Jonah/Cohan being similar. Maybe it's because they are written down here and have a similar mix of letters, but when said they don't sound anything like each other. Anyway I literally have nothing else so if Cole is out Jonah is the only other option that I have in 5 years of looking. I'm almost just hoping it's a girl now, as my girl name is perfect!

WankersHacksandThieves Thu 30-Jun-16 16:01:21

As someone with two children with names that use the same letters almost, I'd go for what you like. DS1 has a 5 letter name and DS2 a four letter name that all 4 letters are in DS1s name - I didn't notice until I was ordering little wooden letters to put their names on their bedroom doors. smile

Practice pronouncing them together and see how it feels.

RedLarvaYellowLarva Thu 30-Jun-16 22:19:57

What's your girl's name? <nosey!>

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