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Persian boys name advice please

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OldFarticus Sat 25-Jun-16 15:37:20


Our baby boy is arriving in December. My DH is Persian and is very keen for our DS to have a sense of his culture, to learn Farsi and have a Persian name. This is all fine and dandy with me. Our surname is very Iranian so a Noah/Jack/Fred type name would sound a bit weird.

He also insists on no religious names of any persuasion! Again, fine with me.

The only problem is that I don't like any of the names he has suggested. So far, options are Cyrus, Darius, Arya or Saam (Sam). I am leaning towards Arya (my grandfather was "Archie" and I think that's what he would go by) but I am scared it's too much like "Aryan" and people will think we are neo nazis possibly overthinking I am also aware it has become accepted as a girl's name in the UK.

Can anyone think of any others? What do people think of Sam and Arya (front runners)?


Mottled Sat 25-Jun-16 15:54:32

Arya sounds like a girls name to me, bit like Aria or Anya. Love Sam.

dailymaillazyjournos Sat 25-Jun-16 15:56:59

What about:

Mottled Sat 25-Jun-16 15:57:14

Suggesting Casper.

dailymaillazyjournos Sat 25-Jun-16 15:58:49

Forgot to say love Sami/Sami. I like Arya but here it seems to only be used as a girls name.

florascotianew Sat 25-Jun-16 18:25:20

Sam is a very nice name. Works well in several languages.

I presume you've thought about and rejected the following, but just in case:
Eskandar (or English version: Alexander)

Abetes Sat 25-Jun-16 18:28:15

Arya is a girl's name in Game of Thrones and I suspect that it may become very popular as a girls name as a result. Love Sam and would work well in the UK.

OldFarticus Sat 25-Jun-16 18:34:09

Thanks for the suggestions! Is Casper still a friendly ghost or am I just old? I do like the name....

TheRealAdaLovelace Sat 25-Jun-16 18:35:43

What about Arash or Idris?

Wheresthattomoibabber Sat 25-Jun-16 18:41:57


TheRealAdaLovelace Sat 25-Jun-16 18:52:17


notagiraffe Sat 25-Jun-16 19:00:00

Is Idris a Persian name? It's lovely. I'd go for that.
Sam is gorgeous, Cyrus is good and both work in both cultures.
Fahrad can become Fred.
Mansoor, Kahlil, Jamil all sound good to my ears.

badtime Sat 25-Jun-16 19:13:05

Dara - people are familiar with the Irish name, but there is also a separate Persian origin.

OldFarticus Sat 25-Jun-16 19:25:48

Oooh I like Idris and Dara! Will try them out on the husband. I love Rayan too but it's the name of a friend's son and DH says it's more Arabic than Persian.

Thanks for the suggestions smile

Mottled Sat 25-Jun-16 19:29:35

Isn't Idris an Islamic prophet? Anyway I don't think a baby born today called 'Casper' will have the friendly ghost association, I know one aged 7/8 (polish Kaspar).

Mottled Sat 25-Jun-16 19:31:42

Just checked, Idris is a prophet in the Quran, known as Enoch in the Bible.

OldFarticus Sat 25-Jun-16 19:33:26

thank you - lots of food for thought! What do people think of Anoush or Anoop? (Yes, I've been Googling....) grin

TheTartOfAsgard Sat 25-Jun-16 19:39:32

My half sister has Persian ancestory, she would have been called Siavash if she was a boy.

dailymaillazyjournos Sat 25-Jun-16 19:47:39

I like Anoush a lot. And Idris. Anoop and Dara, not as much.
I know a 8 year old Casper. English. I don't think the Friendly Ghost is an issue now really. And even if kids have heard of him, he's a pretty cool ghoul.

These any good?

notagiraffe Sat 25-Jun-16 23:04:27

Anoush is a lovely name.

Dontrocktheboat Sat 25-Jun-16 23:11:34

Arya sounds like a girls name. Sam is ok. I knew a Persian guy called Mehran (meer-an). I also really like Idris.

notagiraffe Sun 26-Jun-16 10:48:11

Anoop doesn't sound good in English as it's too like snoop and poop and other words with unattractive meanings

PaintedDrivesAndPolishedGrass Sun 26-Jun-16 10:51:27


NCGone Sun 26-Jun-16 10:54:48

Anoush or Cyrus. Sam is ok, not arya which will become a popular girls name and you already want him to go by Archie which is quite different.

Lillygolightly Sun 26-Jun-16 11:24:31


Kian, kianu, kianoush

Darius, darioush, dashtan

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