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Baby girl has arrived...

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bradybratpack Sat 25-Jun-16 06:34:55

And we have to finalise her name by tomorrow (hospital regs here!)

She arrived on my mum's birthday smile so I thought it would be nice to somehow honour my mum with her middle name? This is slightly complicated by the fact that mum strongly dislikes her name (Angela), and my DN has Angela as her MN, so we thought a similar but not identical MN might work? Would love your thoughts...

Eloise Angeline
Eloise Angelica
Or avoiding grandma's name entirely and going with:
Eloise Beatrice

Opinions very gratefully received!

miwelaisjacydo Sat 25-Jun-16 06:35:57

I like the third name but sorry to be thick how do you pronounce the first name?

CarlGrimesMissingEye Sat 25-Jun-16 06:38:07

Ell-oh--eese (the last bit like cheese).

I like Eloise Beatrice too

Rhubardandcustard Sat 25-Jun-16 06:39:54

How about 2 middle names? Eloise Beatrice Angelica. I did two middle names for my dd.

miwelaisjacydo Sat 25-Jun-16 06:40:04

Thanks 😀
I thinks that's a lovely name.
Oh and congratulations

BretonTop Sat 25-Jun-16 06:41:13

Congratulations! I agree with two middle names;

Eloise Beatrice Angelica


HopeArden Sat 25-Jun-16 06:41:54

I like the first one.
Congratulations flowers

Queenofthebrae Sat 25-Jun-16 06:49:33

Congratulations! Personally I love option 1 x

IslaMann Sat 25-Jun-16 06:53:51

Eloise Angeline is beautiful. My second choice would be Beatrice. I don't like Angelica I'm afraid. My baby DD has 3 names. It's a bit of a mouthful but we wanted to honour a beloved member on both sides

Raines100 Sat 25-Jun-16 06:55:16

Love two middle name idea.

Otherwise I'd go with Angelica over Angeline simply because I think you've got a lot of soft sounds and you need the harder sound that the C provides to break it up.

babyblabber Sat 25-Jun-16 07:45:34

Eloise Angeline is beautiful.

But Eloise Angela is even nicer, I can't see why the niece having the same middle name is relevant at all and as for your mum not liking her name, my mum is the same but was delighted when we gave it to DD as a middle name.

Bex134 Sat 25-Jun-16 08:03:10

I think angeline too, you may find the hospital only need first name as you only legally agree the name when registering which may give you more time to have a think about middle name?

Pemba Sat 25-Jun-16 15:42:20

Eloise Angel? I know Angel can be used as a name. It could be seen as bit twee maybe, but I think it has a nice sound, and has apparently been used for hundreds of years.

FirstTimeMummyToALittleBoy Sat 25-Jun-16 15:55:13

My favourite is Eloise Angelica

Swearwolf Sat 25-Jun-16 16:16:28

Does your mum have a middle name you could use instead?

bradybratpack Sat 25-Jun-16 17:13:26

Thanks for all the responses so far. DH and I are leaning towards the two middle name option... Eloise Beatrice Angelica. Is that too much of a mouthful??? And does it matter that our older kids only have one middle name each?

bradybratpack Sat 25-Jun-16 17:13:53

Three hours until discharge and they want the full name before then!!

Whizzyloofah Sat 25-Jun-16 17:17:00

Could you give your mum the option of choosing a middle name that she loves? So not necessarily one linked to her name, but one she has had input into may be quite special?

WankersHacksandThieves Sat 25-Jun-16 17:42:32

What about something that means birthday?


BikeRunSki Sat 25-Jun-16 17:45:32

Eloise Angelica is lovely.

I have nothing against 2 middle names (me, my sister and my DC all have 2) but Eloise Beatrice Angelica is a bit of a mouthful.

bradybratpack Sat 25-Jun-16 18:46:33

A couple of hours to go before discharge... please keep the thoughts coming! DH is quite set on Beatrice, but can't decide if Eloise Beatrice Angelica is too much or quite pretty! I'm so exhausted from the birth I can't think straight and don't want to get it wrong on the birth certificate!

TheWordOfBagheera Sat 25-Jun-16 19:04:12

They're all lovely.

My favourite is the first, but you can't go wrong really. Do you think you might regret not including a name to honour your mum?

LeonoraFlorence Sat 25-Jun-16 20:20:51

I think Eloise Beatrice Angelica is very pretty.

Dogolphin Sat 25-Jun-16 20:25:58

Eloise Beatrice Angelina

Pemba Sun 26-Jun-16 17:10:05

Are you not in the UK, brady? I remember when mine were born we had several weeks to go to the Registry Office and register the names on the birth certificate.

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