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Rose Abigail and Arthur Clive

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swancourt Tue 21-Jun-16 21:36:13

These are the names I love the most for DC3. Am 12 weeks today.

DH has never been 100% convinced on Arthur (we have two DDs) but he's come around a bit. Clive is his dad's name and his dad is the loveliest man ever, so we're both set on that for middle name. Slight problem is that SIL is due in September and also likes Arthur so may choose that for hers. If so, I like Alfred Clive (nn Freddie).

DH prefers Naomi for a girl but he likes Rose. I love it. He's less keen on Abigail but we both love the meaning, 'bringer of joy' or 'father's joy'. We both love the middle name Joy but can't use it.

What do you think? Any other suggestions?

HainaultViaNewburyPark Tue 21-Jun-16 21:44:20

I really like Alfred Clive. I think I prefer Alfred to Arthur. Would Albert Clive be a possibility? I like that too.

I prefer Rose to Naomi. It's so nice to see someone considering it as a first name. How about Lucia as a middle name?

swancourt Wed 22-Jun-16 09:34:15

Lucia is really pretty. It doesn't have the same meaning though (although I like the meaning 'graceful light').

Less keen on Albert and DH would never go for Bertie - he's a teacher and he had a conflict between Berties in his class once (as ridiculous as that sounds!)

CourtJester Wed 22-Jun-16 10:15:38

A similar boys name could be Archie?

I prefer Abigail over all your girls name, so i would choose that one for a first name, and probably Lucia for a middle. I know that wasn't an option no help whatsoever

1horatio Wed 22-Jun-16 11:23:42

I really like Alfred, but Arthur is also nice. Rose is lovely, but I really dislike Naomi. Why not use Gioia instead of Abigail? Or Beatrix/ce, Glee, Ilaria (Hillary), Laetitia...?

swancourt Wed 22-Jun-16 11:59:12

We have no Italian connections at all so I think, while Lucia would be possible, Gioia is pushing it! It's also too close to Joy (Joy is my SIL's middle name - I absolutely love it and asked her if she would mind us using it, and she said she did mind because she wants to use it for a first name if she ever has a daughter. Since it's her actual name and she doesn't feel comfortable, I won't go there).

Beatrice is nice and I hadn't realised it had that meaning smile Will add to the list of middle names ( our surname is a two-syllable B name so I'm not sure it flows, but it's a lovely name so thank you)

Laetitia reminds me of Laetitia Dean! Glee is not an actual name, is it?

1horatio Wed 22-Jun-16 12:24:04

I think Glee is a name like Hope, Joy, Bliss, Faith? But I may be wrong.

Letita Dean is an actress, right? I personally like that there are so many different forms. Letita, Laetitia, Lettice, Lettie, Leta...

Blythe means cheerful, I think. And Trixie is a short form of Beatrix... Viatrix as well (I think)

Anyhow, if I were you I'd insist on the name Rose. It's soo pretty. And actually a really uncommon first name!

swancourt Wed 22-Jun-16 12:27:31

I'm definitely going to try to insist on Rose. Our DDs are Isobel and Alice and I think Isobel, Alice and Rose is so beautiful smile Rose Glee is a bit weird though (as is Rose Joy, come to think of it - in fact, Rose Joy sounds a bit like an Impulse fragrance or a candle or something (or a stripper)).

Rose Beatrice is very pretty

1horatio Wed 22-Jun-16 12:41:27

Rose Joy does sound a bit like a bath product, now that you mention it. New sortiment: Vanillan Delight, Lavender Glee and Rose Joy...

If I were a stripper I'd want a badass name like... Lucrezia, Adelheid, Olympia, Alpha or Cleopatra grin.

I don't think Beatrice and your last name would be an issue? Rose has a different amount of syllables.
Isobel, Alice and Rose sounds beautiful smile

Claraoswald36 Wed 22-Jun-16 12:44:12

I love the babes in the op I think they are classy and refined. I work with a kid called letisha (various spelling) she hates it and shortens it. I like the name but it's a spelling ball ache!

sycamore54321 Wed 22-Jun-16 14:10:45

Rose is nice but Naomi is beautiful.

I'm afraid none of your boy names appeal to me but I tend not to favour that very traditional English category for boys so I suspect my suggestions would not be to your taste. I do like your syllable balance in first and last names though.

swancourt Wed 22-Jun-16 15:29:29

Ha ha on the stripper names. You're right. Rose Joy is not badass enough :D

swancourt Wed 22-Jun-16 21:55:38

Just floated Rose Beatrice with DH. He vetoed. GRRR to men. Was getting quite excited about that one.

1horatio Wed 22-Jun-16 23:36:59

Men...!! smile DH insisted on the LO having his last name. In exchange I can pick whatever middle name I want and he has limited veto powers for the first one... I really don't like DH's last name, so this was our solution. A trade is a trade....

Ask DH to make a suggestion? Vetoing stuff tends to be easier than coming up with it (at least imo).

RedLarvaYellowLarva Thu 23-Jun-16 00:20:13

I think another vowel name to go with Isobel and Alice, and the letter L. Eloise? Eleanor? Ottilie?

swancourt Thu 23-Jun-16 16:25:34

Eleanor is Alice's middle name :D

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