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Opinions on Mia and one other please

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mogchristmasegg Sat 18-Jun-16 17:48:19

Two options, quite different, bot names have featured in our families:

Mia. I love it but...... is it too short, too 'common' as in trendy, to meek for an adult or too curtsey?

Lizzie. Full name Elizabeth / Elisabeth. I know there could be hundreds of nn for Elizabeth but what about Lizzie?


BoboBunnyH0p Sat 18-Jun-16 18:11:45

I like Elizabeth with nn lizzie. As your DD gets older and doesn't like Lizzie then she has plenty of other nn to choose from.
Mia is nice but plain imo.

mogchristmasegg Sat 18-Jun-16 18:35:03

Thank you Bobo.

I'll add one further question:

Lizzie - Elizabeth or
MIa or

EllenDegenerate Sat 18-Jun-16 21:08:41

Id go for Elisabeth or Elizabeth with Lizzie as NN.

Both Mia and Mya are common in both senses of the word. They will also date terribly.

DramaAlpaca Sat 18-Jun-16 21:17:03

I like Elizabeth nn Lizzie.

Mia is very pretty, but will date as it's quite popular these days.

nectarini1983 Sat 18-Jun-16 21:24:28

Really like Mia. By the far the best of your suggestions IMO.

mogchristmasegg Sat 18-Jun-16 22:22:45

3:1 so far.

Would Lizzie suit a grown woman?

DramaAlpaca Sat 18-Jun-16 22:30:59

Yes it would, definitely. It's timeless & ageless.

EllenDegenerate Sat 18-Jun-16 22:36:10

My mum is an ex-Lizzie.

As far as im aware she morphed in to Liz at some point in adulthood.

So your daughter will have the same option.

SavoyCabbage Sat 18-Jun-16 22:37:35

I am not one for the Mia Miya, Maya type names as I am never sure which is which and how to pronounce them.

If it's 'meer' I remember by saying Mir Space Station in my head.

OneTwoOneTwoThreeFour Sat 18-Jun-16 22:39:05

I love Mia.

PeterandJudithSurname Sat 18-Jun-16 22:39:13

Would Lizzie suit a grown woman?
Yes, it suits Mia Farrow

PeterandJudithSurname Sat 18-Jun-16 22:41:05

Mia Farrow is short for Maria, so you could give that as a full name if you wanted to.

MyBootsAreMuddy Sat 18-Jun-16 22:43:51

I have a 16yr old Elizabeth, I love the nn Lizzie but my dd insists on her full name being used (we do just about get away with Lizzie at home death stare for anyone who dares use it outside )

I'm not overly keen on Mia, but I don't know why.

chunkymum1 Sat 18-Jun-16 22:44:39

I like Mia- the only Mia's I've ever met have been lovely. The name is getting quite popular though so if you're worried about that how about Emilia, with Mia as a nickname. I love longer names that have a few possible nicknames as the DC then have some say over what they call themselves in later life without the faff of a proper name change.

NataliaOsipova Sat 18-Jun-16 22:45:24

Definitely Elizabeth. The Lizzie I know is very nice and very impressive! Lots of other options with it when she's older too. Don't like Mia/Maya personally.

MadisonAvenue Sat 18-Jun-16 22:48:19

Really like Mia, and love Lizzie!

mogchristmasegg Sat 18-Jun-16 23:04:07

thanks all for lovely replies, I am non the wiser though smile blush.The Mia I know of is my dh's elderly scandinavian relative. I don't actually know any Lizzies though dm's middle name is Elisabeth.

These are the two names we have circled in on. but neither feels 100% right yet.

Cringe question: is Mia kind of more 'bohemian' (sorry) and Lizzie more, i don;t know, no nonsense, sporty, efficient....... indulge me what are your associations with either Mia or Lizzie. thanks and blush

DramaAlpaca Sat 18-Jun-16 23:10:32

The grown up Lizzie I know is a good friend of mine. She's very cool & bohemian, a real free spirit, so I associate the name with those characteristics.

EllenDegenerate Sat 18-Jun-16 23:13:54

Mia is very popular with working class communities around here, NW.
It depends if that bothers you or not. Its too popular to be considered bohemian. To me its on a par with Sienna, Summer, Ava, Evie etc.

Elisabeth is simply classic. Used but not over used by all segments of society. I think its the modtw beautiful of the classic names.

mogchristmasegg Sat 18-Jun-16 23:14:58

ah, thanks Drama, your friend sounds great.

mogchristmasegg Sat 18-Jun-16 23:18:45

I like Ava but am not too keen on Sienna, Summer, or Evie. Mia is a traditional name (i think) in scandinavia but a more recent trend in the UK.

MadameJosephine Sat 18-Jun-16 23:21:54

Definitely Elizabeth, although personally I prefer Libby to Lizzie

MoggieMaeEverso Sat 18-Jun-16 23:35:54

Melissa? Nickname could be Lizzie... Or Lissie, or Lissa, or even Mia.

mogchristmasegg Sat 18-Jun-16 23:39:32

Melissa is quite lovely.

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