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FrancisdeSales Fri 17-Jun-16 15:54:49

This is a name we are considering for a dog who is a Rough Collie and the breed is orginally from Scotland. We honeymooned in Scotland and our landlady in one B & B was called Magda. I seem to remember it being relatively well known as a name there.

When I Google it comes up as German and Polish short for Magdalena. My dcs wanted a German name as we lived there for 6 years so that would work nicely.

Does Magda have links to Scotland? Is it used as a nn for Margaret for example?

JakeyB Fri 17-Jun-16 22:46:24

Sorry, Francis, Magda has no real history of use in Scotland, either as a given name or a diminutive. It's really only been used modern times, either in Polish families or as more "exotic" names became fashionable.

The usual short forms for Margaret are Maggie or Mags. If Magda was used where you honeymooned then I'd think it must a very localised use.

If it's any help, the Scots language equivalent of Magda is Maidie, short for Maidlin but probably not much use if you specifically want a German name.

florascotianew Sat 18-Jun-16 10:05:10

Agree with Jakey.
Maggie is very traditional, and recently I've heard of babies called Maggie so perhaps it's becoming popular again?

This is no help for you, I'm afraid, if you're looking for a German name, but most collies I've encountered in Scotland have short, sharp one-syllable names, suitable for shouting as commands across moorland in wild, wet, windy weather. For example, Bob, Jock, Ben, Glen, Tam, Nell, Jess, Skye - and Meg - are traditional and still used.

FrancisdeSales Sat 18-Jun-16 19:10:36

Y'know I think her name was actually Morag! I think I was sleep deprived ....!

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