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Help! Can't agree on any names for new DD

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Ladyonashortfuse Fri 17-Jun-16 14:01:29

DD is now 5 days old and the registrar's appointment is booked....but Dh and I cannot agree on a first name. He likes Manon (as in Manon des Sources), Aisling, Tamsin, Lynette. I like Eleri, Elowen, Xanthe, Iris. Needless to say I'm not mad on any on his list and he's the same as regards mine. We are getting desperate. confused Do any MNers want to cast a deciding vote, or have any good suggestions??? Should add that DH is Welsh (hence I'm quite keen on Welsh names for her) and both her brothers have unusual names so no Emilys or Sarahs (although I do like those names) will really work!

NeedACleverNN Fri 17-Jun-16 14:04:24

I like all of your suggestions OP especially Elari but I don't like your DH's choices...

Manon immediately made me think of the film the craft

RiverTam Fri 17-Jun-16 14:05:18

I keep saying but I love Marianne.

Tinklypoo Fri 17-Jun-16 14:08:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Artandco Fri 17-Jun-16 14:09:17


NeedACleverNN Fri 17-Jun-16 14:09:18

What about Seren?

Seren is welsh isn't it?

Howaboutthisone Fri 17-Jun-16 14:11:22

Aneira (an eye ra)
Eirlys (eye r lis)

All Welsh and some more likely to be pronounced correctly everywhere than others?

Howaboutthisone Fri 17-Jun-16 14:37:22


florascotianew Fri 17-Jun-16 16:21:54

Congratulations! No help, but I like Manon from your DH's list and Elowen from yours. Also like suggestion of Angharad. What about Eluned? That's Welsh and sounds rather like Lynette (and is, I think, the original version of the name).

The name 'Iolaire' was suggested up-thread - it has very, very tragic associations, and is not pronounced 'Elairy'.

Iolair (nominative) = 'eagle' in Scottish Gaelic
Iolaire (genitive) = 'of the eagle'

The 'Iolaire' was the name of a ship wrecked off Stornoway in a famous and terrible disaster:

English sailors pronounced the name of the ship as 'Eye-oh-lair'.
BUT in Gaelic it's (approx) 'Yoh-lir-uh' or 'Yeoh-lir-uh'.

Official Scottish Parliament (!!) explanantion of the two pronounciations here, with sound:

Pronounciation of Iolair without the final e here:

pieceofpurplesky Fri 17-Jun-16 16:24:26

How about Eirian? (Air-ree-Ann)
It's seems to cover what you both like ...

marblestatue Fri 17-Jun-16 16:32:55


pieceofpurplesky Fri 17-Jun-16 16:43:13

Actually more Err-ree-Ann

Bee182814 Fri 17-Jun-16 16:46:51

Seren definitely a great suggestion! I'm pg with dd and dh doesn't like it but if he would agree I would have it in a heartbeat! The same with Manon actually but as you're not keen i won't push it grin

Allalonenow Fri 17-Jun-16 16:49:21

I love Manon and Lynette.

Not keen on any of the others and Eleri is my least favourite.

Tinklypoo Fri 17-Jun-16 16:53:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

florascotianew Fri 17-Jun-16 17:05:58

Tinkly - of course you must give your baby the name you want! I wouldn't dream of telling anyone what to do. smile And if you know about the shipwreck, then that's - obviously - no problem. I was only mentioning it because Iolaire is such an unusual name and, while the wreck is well-known in Scotland, people from elsewhere might not have heard about it.

Eagles are such splendid birds . So impressive.

Ladyonashortfuse Fri 17-Jun-16 19:41:08

Thanks for all the suggestions! Going to run Eirian Iolanthe Elena and Serena past DH now... (Angharad already down as middle name btw!)

leoniethelioness Fri 17-Jun-16 19:42:53

Manon is a Welsh name.

Dontrocktheboat Fri 17-Jun-16 22:56:54

They are all ok apart from Lynette which seems v middle aged!

I like Iris best. I like Manon but would worry about man on jokes.

sycamore54321 Sat 18-Jun-16 01:27:42

As a middle ground in your list, I thought of the beautiful name Emer (or spelt Eimear in Irish), pronounced Ee-mer, equal stress on both syllables. Seems to combine the sounds you both like and has a Celtic link. Perhaps someone could tell if there is a direct Welsh equivalent?

NauticalIce Sun 19-Jun-16 16:27:29

Elowen is nice

someonescj Sun 19-Jun-16 20:20:57

How about Bronwen

chocoLit Sun 19-Jun-16 20:32:33

DD1 was almost Arwyn. I still love it

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