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If your kids actual names were the meanings of their existing names

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NapQueen Fri 10-Jun-16 22:25:47

Inspired by another thread.

Literally swapped the names (first and middle) for the meanings...

Dd - Pearl Nobility
DS - Crossing Lion

Me - Jewel Hope
Dh (no middle name) - Twin (even though he isnt).

workshyfop Fri 10-Jun-16 22:40:51

Earth Protector of Men
Devoted to God Sightless

YvaineStormhold Fri 10-Jun-16 22:45:28

Jehovah is God.
Ruler of the Home.


SKYTVADDICT Fri 10-Jun-16 22:46:08

Pet name for Elizabeth
Norse goddess of love and fertility

PatriciaHolm Fri 10-Jun-16 22:47:41

Christmas Day.

Bright in Mind and Spirit. (he'll love that)

ImNotShpanishImEgyptshun Fri 10-Jun-16 22:48:25

She who lives, God's favour

LBOCS2 Fri 10-Jun-16 22:50:17

Me: Princess Pure

DH: who is like God? Highly praiseworthy.

DD1: youthful grace

DD2: summer pearl.

FuckingFattyBitch Fri 10-Jun-16 22:51:56

DS1-protector supplanter
Dd- brave bear flower
DS2- gift from God red
Me- christian warrior

originalusernamefail Fri 10-Jun-16 22:55:16

DS1 Twin, Jehovah is God
DS2 Noble, God shall add another son

NapQueen Fri 10-Jun-16 22:56:02

Brave bear flower is so cute Fucking

Like our tribal warrior names!

UntilTheCowsComeHome Fri 10-Jun-16 22:56:05

DS1 Little Hollow

DS2 The Lord has remembered

Not very catchy.

FuckingFattyBitch Fri 10-Jun-16 22:57:39

nap I know! And it suits her too. She is a feisty little thing but looks delicate like a flower.

AlmaMartyr Fri 10-Jun-16 23:03:30

Spear stone David's son

Leader of men pearl lily

Bungathebrave Fri 10-Jun-16 23:08:39

DC1 Wisdom, Descends from the dark one
DC2 My angel, gift from God, Defender of men.

Tiller of the soil

SingingMyOwnSpecialSong Fri 10-Jun-16 23:11:59

DD - Horse Joy, Grace

ZaZathecat Fri 10-Jun-16 23:13:22

Farmer and Beautiful Maiden

Cosmicbird Fri 10-Jun-16 23:13:58

DD1 My God is an oath
DD2 Beauty
DS1 red-haired one
DS2 little King
DS3 deer friend

Cosmicbird Fri 10-Jun-16 23:18:16

(Forgot the middle names first time)

DD1 My God is an oath pure
DD2 Beauty beloved
DS1 red-haired one nobleman
DS2 little King who is Iike God
DS3 deer friend supplanted

jaykay34 Fri 10-Jun-16 23:20:29

DS1: Twin (he actually is one, although I never knew this was the meaning until well after he was born)
DD: Pleasantness
dS2: Jehovah is God / Stony clearing

Surprised to see a few Jehovah is Gods on here, I've not come across any others in RL.

ShowOfHands Fri 10-Jun-16 23:21:21

My dc are Mighty In Battle and God's Healer.

ShesElectric Fri 10-Jun-16 23:39:53

DD1 - my God is an oath
DD2 - Petite

ShesElectric Fri 10-Jun-16 23:40:58

Actually I think DD2 would be Petite and Womanly grin

ShesElectric Fri 10-Jun-16 23:43:02

The meaning of DD1's name is NOT why we chose it grin. But at least it doesn't mean something awful like "Crooked Nose" (Cameron). Right put me off the name Cameron, that has.

pointlessperson Fri 10-Jun-16 23:46:52

DS True and bold

ME Beautiful Princess

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