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Which do you prefer?

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Lovinglife2016 Sun 05-Jun-16 20:38:17

We have only three weeks left until we have our first little girl. We decided on the first name quite early but have struggled to decide on a middle name that we love. Our shortlist is:

Eva Lily
Eva Grace
Eva Belle
Eva Mae

Which name do you prefer? All thoughts, both positive and negative are very welcome!

Thanks xx

WellErrr Sun 05-Jun-16 20:41:02

Erm. I like Eva. I don't know if this would bother you but all those combos are SO common now.

How about a different middle name?

JenniferAnistonsHair Sun 05-Jun-16 20:44:19

I prefer Eva Grace

LolaStarr Sun 05-Jun-16 20:50:13

I agree with WellErr, Eva is a lovely name but I really don't like the middle names especially Mae blush. They're all massively common at the minute.

LadyAntonella Sun 05-Jun-16 20:57:33

I don't love any of them sorry though they definitely aren't horrible. I really like Eva and I like some of your middle names too. It's just the combination of Eva with the middle names which I'm not terribly keen on if that makes sense.

Are the middle names family names at all or just names you like the sound of? If it's the latter then would a different choice of middle name work? If it's the former, then my favourite would be Eva Grace.

Millyonthefloss Sun 05-Jun-16 20:59:18

Eva Grace is an absolutely beautiful name.

BoboBunnyH0p Sun 05-Jun-16 21:02:03

Eva Grace or Eva Mae flow the best but I would choose Grace personally as Mae has become a filler middle name recently imo.

Lovinglife2016 Sun 05-Jun-16 21:17:54

No the names are not family connected, they were simply names that we picked that we liked but I think as many of you have mentioned it is the popularity of the names at the mo that is making me hesitate and is why I'm struggling to choose a name.

I just haven't found any other names that I love with Eva so suggestions are very welcome xx

Chinks123 Sun 05-Jun-16 21:25:03

Ooh they're all beautiful! They are popular at the minute but my dds middle name is grace (well one is she has 2 middle names) I know it's very popular but it was for family so I went with it anyway. Eva grace is lovely X

Heratnumber7 Sun 05-Jun-16 21:28:25

Eva Victoria
Eva Mary
Eva Caroline
Eva Elizabeth
Eva Frances

BoboBunnyH0p Sun 05-Jun-16 21:36:53

I suggest
Eva Marie
Eva Rae
Eva Raine

LadyAntonella Sun 05-Jun-16 21:38:01

Eva Seren
Eva Rebecca
Eva Joy
Eva Violet
Eva Faith
Eva Tabitha

Lovinglife2016 Sun 05-Jun-16 22:12:32

I quite like Eva Faith, but still don't love it. Seren is nice also, I haven't heard that name before!

Howaboutthisone Sun 05-Jun-16 22:18:34

Eva Grace is my favourite there.

Howaboutthisone Sun 05-Jun-16 22:19:11

Some names are popular simply because they are really nice names!

Artandco Sun 05-Jun-16 22:20:22

How are you pronouncing Eva? 'Eve-ah' or 'ay-va'?

Personally I think Ava is a slightly nicer name

The middle names are very overused

Eva Estelle
Eva leonore
Eva Quinn
Eva Liliana
Eva Lilian

LadyAntonella Sun 05-Jun-16 22:23:54

Seren means star in Welsh which I think is a lovely meaning.

Pidlan Sun 05-Jun-16 22:24:23

Eva June smile

MouldyPeach Sun 05-Jun-16 22:27:18

Pidlan's suggestion of Eva June is beautiful, especially as she is very likely to be born in the month. And if she's super late, Eva July works too!

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 05-Jun-16 22:27:19

Eva Grace. Any names beginning with L after Eva could sound like Ev-al. (Evil).
Or perhaps I over think things.

LadyAntonella Sun 05-Jun-16 22:49:11

Oh yeah I hadn't thought of that but Eva Lily could sound a little bit like Evil Lily.

pieceofpurplesky Sun 05-Jun-16 23:45:32

Eva Jayne
Eva Beth
Eva Ruth
My favourite of yours is Eva Grace

Excited101 Sun 05-Jun-16 23:46:55

Eva Rose

Lovinglife2016 Mon 06-Jun-16 09:43:52

It will be pronounced ee-va as my friends little girl is Ava-Rose

Lovinglife2016 Mon 06-Jun-16 10:45:11

I hadn't thought about the L sound after Eva!! It does not sound good so I think Lily may be off the list lol!

Thank you for all the lovely suggestions, I am still struggling to find one that I love yet 😕

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