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Noodle1234 Tue 31-May-16 21:26:33

What do you think of the name Lachlan? Also, how would you pronounce it?

Lolimax Tue 31-May-16 21:28:57

I like it. DD 19 knew one in school. He pronounced his 'lack-lun'. We're Welsh not Scottish if that makes any difference?

Jessbow Tue 31-May-16 22:28:25

Quite like it

dancemom Tue 31-May-16 22:38:15

Lach with the same ch sound as the Scottish pronunciation of loch

IMurderedStampyLongnose Tue 31-May-16 22:39:07

Lock-Lun.loves it!

Drquin Tue 31-May-16 22:46:40

Similarly to how you'd pronounce "loch" ..... Which is the issue :-)
Depends if that expanse of water is pronounced more like the bit which secures a door .....

Then more of a "lun" than "laan" ending.

MyNewBearTotoro Tue 31-May-16 22:50:42

I love it, it's on my shortlist if DC3 is a boy and I think the nickname Lockie is very cute.

I'd pronounce it with a hard ch like the Scottish word loch and with the end vowel to rhyme with melon/ lemon etc. Loch-lun.

I wouldn't pronounce the ch like ck and wouldn't expect others to BUT I'm in Wales where the hard ch sound is common and most people have no problems with it. I see in England some people might say Lock-lun which I'm not so keen on.

Salmotrutta Tue 31-May-16 22:59:22

It's lach -lan with the "ch" pronounced in the Scottish way.

Certainly not like "ck". That's in no way correct.
And I'd say the "La" is pronounced like La-La-La but I suspect it's very regional.

Salmotrutta Tue 31-May-16 23:02:24

I've yet to meet someone pronounce the "Lach" bit as "Loch" (I.e. O instead of A) but again maybe that's regional.

Although I doubt it

LongChalk Tue 31-May-16 23:05:51

It's Scottish and in Scotland they would pronounce it Lach-lan. Certainly not Loch-lan. Lochlan sounds American to me.

MyNewBearTotoro Tue 31-May-16 23:07:06

Sorry, I misread for the name Lochlan rather than Lachlan. I guess I would pronounce Lachlan with a 'la' sound (and the hard ch) although I have never met a Lachlan, only a Lochlan.

MyNewBearTotoro Tue 31-May-16 23:07:30

(Lochlan is Irish)

Salmotrutta Tue 31-May-16 23:10:28

Thank god for someone agreeing with me LongChalk - I heartily concur.

I'm not a fan of people using names they don't know how to pronounce - it just sounds daft.

(Scottish by the way)

Eigg Tue 31-May-16 23:13:02


'Ch' as in loch as per pp.

Nn "Lachy"

CuntingDMjournos Tue 31-May-16 23:20:11

I love it. I think it's very very very popular in Australia though (think top 10 for years). That info may be irrelevant to you but it put a different slant on what I thought was an unusual name when I was considering it!

LongChalk Tue 31-May-16 23:21:42

I'm not Scottish but DH is. He would def say, Lachlan with nn Lachy or Lachie. It reminds me of Hamish McBeth (shows my age)

LongChalk Tue 31-May-16 23:23:58

Lots of Scottish names are popular in Australia. You're never more than 6ft away from a Lachlan, a Bruce, a Duncan, a Donald or a Fraser.

Sgoinneal Wed 01-Jun-16 10:44:25

In agreement with the other Scottish posters. It's LAch-lan and the ch is like the Scottish CH in loch.

Lochlann is Irish. Both derived from the same name. There are anglicised spellings like Lauchlan too

Sgoinneal Wed 01-Jun-16 10:44:51

I love the name btw!

squoosh Wed 01-Jun-16 11:23:01

In Ireland it's pronounced loch-lan which I think sounds SO much nicer than the flat Scottish pronunciation of lach-lan.

LongChalk Wed 01-Jun-16 11:59:30

But they're different names, Squoosh. To me, that's like saying Francesca is so much nicer than Frances or Georgina is so much nicer than Georgia. They're different names rather than different pronunciations of the same name. Different meaning and everything.

squoosh Wed 01-Jun-16 12:10:57

Hmmm. But McLachlan gets pronounced Mc-lach-lan and also Mc-loch-lan.

MumOnACornishFarm Wed 01-Jun-16 13:49:59

Lovely, love it! Only Lachlan I ever knew was Australian. I would pronounce it Loch- (like the Scottish loch, a softer sound than lock) -lan.

MumOnACornishFarm Wed 01-Jun-16 13:51:43

Sorry I have also made the Lachlan/Lochlan mistake! My last post should gave referred to Lochlan.

LongChalk Wed 01-Jun-16 14:09:03

Only Mclaughlins I ever knew spelt it thus but then they were of Irish descent.

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