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Which name do you like best? Hazel Wren or Violet Wren

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bridgettebrimbella Mon 30-May-16 06:30:29

Having twins!! Boy-girl. Boy's name will be Dawson Gage and two year old big sis named Summer Emilia who goes by Summer Lee. Which name do you like best for our new angel?

ThoraGruntwhistle Mon 30-May-16 06:39:59

Violet is a much nicer name than Hazel, IMO. Congrats and best wishes

Ditsy4 Mon 30-May-16 06:41:27

Hazel definitely

Pengweng Mon 30-May-16 07:00:43

I like both but Violet is one of my twins middle names so I vote that.

Fletcherl Mon 30-May-16 07:06:04

I like the Wren first.

joyfulworld Mon 30-May-16 07:30:49

I like Hazel Wren.

LadyAntonella Mon 30-May-16 07:33:48

Hazel Wren (or Wren Violet if that's an option).

NoMoreStickers Mon 30-May-16 08:13:37

Hazel Wren is lovely..... We very nearly had Wren as a middle name for one of our twins and at the last minute decided on no middle names, I wish we had now

Imps9 Mon 30-May-16 08:17:54

I really really like Hazel Wren. What fab names you choose!

I've always thought that it's best to avoid names that are adjectives if they will be followed by nouns, so would discount Violet Wren on that basis. But that's just me.

Lighteningirll Mon 30-May-16 08:21:57


starryskies78 Mon 30-May-16 08:25:22

Hazel Wren. It's really pretty and I think Hazel is less heard than Violet at the mo.

PuppyMonkey Mon 30-May-16 08:40:33

Hazel is still too much a 1970s middle aged name to me. Usually screeched: "Ayzullllllll!" round here.

Violet is cute.

TurquoiseMoon Mon 30-May-16 12:13:40

I prefer Violet Wren smile

JanuaryJuniper Mon 30-May-16 12:23:21

Hazel Wren is lovely

SapphireStrange Mon 30-May-16 12:31:56

I think Violet's a beautiful name. I know it's popular but I wouldn't care, I love it so much.

Hazel is just fine, IMO.

RonaldMcDonald Mon 30-May-16 12:41:33

Violent wrench?

Hazel is a nice name
Violet is a nice name


septembersunshine Mon 30-May-16 16:41:32

Hazel I think. Because otherwise it's like you are saying 'Violent Wren' - as in Violent bird... I always think Violet is one letter away from the word violent though...

Love both. No use at all to you!

barbecue Mon 30-May-16 16:51:22

Violet Wren

Dogolphin Mon 30-May-16 17:22:18

Hazel Wren

Kittykatmacbill Mon 30-May-16 18:39:16

Wren is nicer. I think violet wren might be a bit mean initialswise... VW Volkswagen?

1horatio Mon 30-May-16 18:43:13

Violet Wren!

DerelictMyBalls Mon 30-May-16 19:30:44

Violet is lovely.

I still don't understand why Wren is now a name, but that is by the by.

MrsUnderwood Mon 30-May-16 19:34:35

I think nature names are so lovely. My DD was nearly a Violet. Maybe wait til you see her and see which one suits her more? I think both options are equally nice!

nectarini1983 Mon 30-May-16 21:30:42

Good spot Ronald in Violent Wench!

I think Violet is pretty ( never thgt about only missing an n from violent! ) Think Wren's a bit naff too. Sorry.

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