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Thoughts on Seren

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Blondie87 Sun 29-May-16 14:01:29

Title says it all really! Don't live in Wales but DH has Welsh heritage.

clarinsgirl Sun 29-May-16 14:05:28

Lovely name

thestylethatdecadesforgot Sun 29-May-16 14:06:55

Really love it. Was sadly vetoed by DH for all my girls!

seeyounearertime Sun 29-May-16 14:07:20

Isnt that the bats name in Abadas?

It's a lovely name.

strawberryblondebint Sun 29-May-16 14:16:22

Adore this name. I'm not Welsh I'm Irish but if I had any sniff of Welsh in my background my Dd would have this name. It's classic and beautiful

GiddyOnZackHunt Sun 29-May-16 14:16:24

Would have been on my shortlist if ds had been a dd.

LiquorsOnDeck Sun 29-May-16 14:17:17

Love it

Lolimax Sun 29-May-16 14:17:45

Its a lovely name (Welsh for star) but here in South Wales we have an awful lot of little stars around.

LadyAntonella Sun 29-May-16 15:04:39

It's really popular on MN but I've never met one in RL (I'm not Welsh obviously) so I think it's quite nice that it would be unusual.

Personally I don't love it all that much. I don't know why, I think it's just the sound. To me it sounds a little bit like Sarah or Sharon but not iykwim? It is a perfectly nice name though - definitely not horrible.

I love the name Wren which is kind of similar. Also I love Star (Seren is Welsh for star I think) but I think I'm in the minority there!

LadyAntonella Sun 29-May-16 15:05:20

Sorry should rtft - pp already said it is Welsh for star.

ReggaeShark Sun 29-May-16 15:07:04


namechange7711 Sun 29-May-16 19:05:20

I love the name Seren. It's pretty without being too girly/cutesy, so will carry well into adulthood.

It's easy to spell too (which is a bonus for a Welsh name!) so won't cause any problems if you live outside of Wales.

I also really like Serena, which is similar.

Lilacpink40 Sun 29-May-16 19:07:11


beenaroundawhile Sun 29-May-16 19:12:38

I don't like it personally, I feel like it's a name your DD would always be having to explain / spell if you weren't in a community closely associated with its origin. If that doesn't bother you then go for it, there are also many worse names you could pick

iwouldgoouttonight Sun 29-May-16 19:16:43

I've not heard it before but it sounds pretty. How is it pronounced? Ser-un (like seven) or se-wren?

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sun 29-May-16 19:19:56

Se-wren, Iwould. In mid-Wales we have a veritable galaxy of Serens, too, Lolimax

DramaAlpaca Sun 29-May-16 19:20:41

Lovely name.

BotanicalPJs Sun 29-May-16 19:41:10

Very popular.

How about Nia - means bright. Pronounced knee-ya.

Or Haf. Means summer, pronounced Haav

Or Celyn - means holly, pronounced kell-in

Or Hafwen (white summer) or Heddwen (white peace)

Or Liliwen (snowdrop, like in the traditional song Lili wen fach)

Not sure how popular these are now days.
The most unusual name in my welsh school was Teifi (like the river).

LadyAntonella Sun 29-May-16 19:49:02

I know a Nia (not a child, she's in her thirties) and I absolutely love the name. It's lovely.

shugfish Sun 29-May-16 20:36:09

I love it.
It was on our shortlist for DD but we didn't feel it suited her Auburn hair so went with Megan instead.
We don't like in Wales but I have Welsh parents and a Welsh named DS to match. I also know one of two here in SW London, with no problems with the spelling.

barbecue Sun 29-May-16 20:50:29

I like Seren, also Serena.

Terrifiedandregretful Sun 29-May-16 20:56:01

Lovely name. I also really like Anwen

ThePartyArtist Sun 29-May-16 23:03:04

It's becoming very popular in South Wales, having been virtually unheard of a generation ago in my experience. I do like it but wondered if, outside of Wales, it'd be misheard as Sarah all the time?

GiddyOnZackHunt Mon 30-May-16 01:25:22

shug my utterly lovely Aunty Megan had auburn hair. Give your girl a cuddle from me grin

nuttymango Mon 30-May-16 01:32:14

We saw a couple on holiday with a Seren and a Rowan. Lovely names but the children didn't know how to behave in public

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