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'Unusual' names: less criticism for girls?

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Porcupinetree Wed 18-May-16 12:16:19

Was debating with friends and we have concluded that parents of girls given 'unusual' or even unique names meet with less criticism than parents of boys with 'unusual' or unique names.

Do you agree?

ABitAsleep Wed 18-May-16 12:18:29

I agree that this is the general thoughts, but possibly as girrls have always had more variation?

But i think ALL unique names are odd if i'm honest

Pipilangstrumpf Wed 18-May-16 14:17:57

Personally I love names that are well known, classic but outside the top 100 or 250, for either boys or girls. In other words I love beautiful classy names that aren't trendy/fashionable/faddy.

However, truly 'unique' names aren't a good idea for either gender.

So no, I don't agree with your view!

babyblabber Wed 18-May-16 15:51:08

I'm not a major fan of unusual names for my kids but glad they're out there or the world would be a very boring place.

Defo think people are more adventurous with girls' names and this seems more acceptable for some reason. Similar to it being ok for girls to be tomboys but not for boys to be girly in a way.

Porcupinetree Wed 18-May-16 17:24:39

Yes babyblabber I think you may be right, it's like the fear of inadvertently feminising boys. Shock horror!

mrsschu Wed 18-May-16 18:37:11

Yes it seems to be more acceptable to give a girl a very unusual or "unique" name than a boy. Probably because there are more girls names or at least it feels that way but also possibly because some people think it's a good idea to give a girl a boys name but nobody thinks it's a good idea to give a boy a girls name...

NannawifeofBaldr Wed 18-May-16 18:42:38

In my DC's year groups there are actually more boys with unusual names than girls.

No one ever comments on them.

ISaySteadyOn Wed 18-May-16 18:44:02

As someone with an unusual name, please don't do that to your child. You will be condemning them to a lifetime of people mispronouncing their name all the time (they will dread new teachers taking the register) or assuming they have misspelled their own name or that their name is not theirs but actually a more common name that is spelled vaguely like it.

Rather, do what Pipilangstrumf (love the username) says.

1horatio Wed 18-May-16 21:46:30

I have an unusual (but “real”) name and I actually love it. And nobody has ever "dared" (or wanted?) to openly criticise it ;) (Does this sound conceited...? If yes, I'm just complimenting my parents' taste....)

But I personally don't like names that are made up. Or when parents use adjectives...

SellFridges Wed 18-May-16 21:52:51

I agree with this idea.

DD has an unusual name, although on here it is often debated. We would have liked an equally unusual name for DS but he ended up with one within the top 100 mainly because so many others we came up with just seemed utterly crazy. Much more so than the similarly unusual names for girls.

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