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MimiSunshine Sun 15-May-16 17:08:27

We are debating names and for a boy my OH has come up with Marlin. I think I like it but need to roll it around a bit.
We like less common names but I wouldn't say we want anything too out there and I can't decide which this is.

IoraRua Sun 15-May-16 17:09:57

Eh. Not pushed on it one way or another. It does remind me of Merlin though.

Tiggeryoubastard Sun 15-May-16 17:14:02

No. It's bad. Why do that to a child.

nectarini1983 Sun 15-May-16 17:14:12

Ditto Iora!

BertrandRussell Sun 15-May-16 17:15:47

You do know it's a fish, don't you?

Chinks123 Sun 15-May-16 17:18:06

Finding nemo. Presume there was a Marlin in that hmmgrin

MiddleClassProblem Sun 15-May-16 17:19:37

If I met a kid called Marlin it wouldn't strike me as weird. Rare but not unusual sounding

MimiSunshine Sun 15-May-16 17:26:26

Yes we do know there is a fish of that name just like we know there is a Willow tree.😏 Not too concerned about that as we've knocked Trout off the list 😉
Iora some name sites suggest it is a varient of Merlin which I don't mind but feels like an 'out there' name to me

PurpleDaisies Sun 15-May-16 17:28:34

Marlon is a real name not a fish breed. Would that be any better?

mrsschu Sun 15-May-16 17:33:36

Not hugely keen on it but have heard worse. Would probably go with Marlon rather than Marlin.

EllenDegenerate Sun 15-May-16 17:35:36

Merlin is better

MiddleClassProblem Sun 15-May-16 17:37:28

I don't like merlin as much. Too wizardy and people will assume he was named after the wizard and more likely because of the to show than the original story

BeauGlacons Sun 15-May-16 17:39:06

I think Merlin is less out there and would consider it If I were having a boy now. I'd also consider Arthur and Gawain for that matter.

Caspar, Hector, Alysious = same genre as Merlin.

Jason, Connor, Jordan = same genre as Marlin/Marlon/Marvin.

Subtle nuance

MimiSunshine Sun 15-May-16 17:42:01

Marlon is a definite no which does slightly put me off Marlin as again it's suggested as its origin name

MiddleClassProblem Sun 15-May-16 17:43:23

Re the fish thing, it's a pretty magnificent fish. Old man and the sea, this big beauty he was chasing... Pretty poetic

BeauGlacons Sun 15-May-16 17:46:38

It is indeed but so is a shark or a dolphin. You wouldn't call a child koi or turbot. I like Albert though.

RaeSkywalker Sun 15-May-16 17:48:57

I don't think it's too 'out there' at all.

MimiSunshine Sun 15-May-16 17:52:55

Middle I agree Merlin is too associated with Wizard.
I'm pretty certain the name came before the fish and we like Delphine for a girl which means Dolphin so maybe we're more fishy than I realised 😄

MiddleClassProblem Sun 15-May-16 17:55:11

Well equally you get a kid called Robin but not pigeon or blue tit

HeteronormativeHaybales Sun 15-May-16 18:08:06

I wouldn't. It's not nice enough to balance out the annoyance of being called Martin or Merlin and being subjected to fish jokes all his life.

HeteronormativeHaybales Sun 15-May-16 18:08:48

Martin is nice though, and retro in a good way.

BeauGlacons Sun 15-May-16 18:10:23

I think you are more likely to get a kid called Billy. That's it, Billy for a boy, Nanny for a girl. But I think the thread's about naming a child.

MiddleClassProblem Sun 15-May-16 18:16:21


MimiSunshine Sun 15-May-16 18:44:38

🙄 Nancy is a goats name isn't it? 😉
Seems like Marlin is either 'duh it's a fish' or not common but doesnt blow anyone away. I dont think either of those bother me

DerelictMyBalls Sun 15-May-16 19:02:25

I quite like Marlin.

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