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Unarmed baby boy! Any of these or something else!

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Namelessbabe Sun 08-May-16 06:38:00

We have a still unamed 10 day old! He is brother to Zachary and Olivia. Surname is Mann so lots of names don't work so well with it being so short and no names starting with the letter 'C' please...! smile

Any of these on our shortlist, or something else we've not thought of?

Tobias (Toby)
Theodore (Theo)
Benjamin (Ben)
Osian (Welsh)
Finley (or should it be Finlay?) but shortened to Finn. (Too abrupt with the surname?)
Joshua (dated?)
Isaiah (is there a shortening of this?)
Alexander (Alex)

Also, how close a friend would someone have to be for you to not give your child the same name as theirs?! We're so stuck!

cherrytree63 Sun 08-May-16 06:44:42

I like Finley. But I like your thread title typo even better!

Laquila Sun 08-May-16 06:50:39

Some lovely names there. My prefs are Tobias and Theodore, with their respective shortenings.

Isaiah might shorten to Isa, but that might not be ideal with your surname. Finn Mann doesn't work for me. Alexander is a strong, classic name.

You might also like Isaac?

LetThereBeCupcakes Sun 08-May-16 06:51:13

I think the 2 syllable ones sound better with your surname. Theo or Toby are my favourites. They're all lovely names though!

Laquila Sun 08-May-16 06:51:18

Haha CherryTree I hadn't even noticed that! But I have been awake since 0415 confused

LetThereBeCupcakes Sun 08-May-16 06:51:28

Oh and congratulations!

SmallBee Sun 08-May-16 06:55:45

I love Theo! Please use it. Both DH and I have names beginning with T do I have banned them for our DC but Theo is the best name..

DixieNormas Sun 08-May-16 06:58:46

We have a Nerf gun he could borrow grin congratulations I like Theo

lostlalaloopsy Sun 08-May-16 07:05:32

I like Finn or Alexander from your list.

Alex83 Sun 08-May-16 07:14:50

You've got some gorgeous names on your list. My favourites are:


welshweasel Sun 08-May-16 07:16:27

I love Osian (DS would have been one of my friend hadn't used it) and Toby

Coconutty Sun 08-May-16 07:16:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beckiwiththegoodhair Sun 08-May-16 07:18:54

I like Ezra or Theo. I agree that 2 syllable names go better with your surname. Hope you agree on a name soon smile

zen1 Sun 08-May-16 07:24:43

I think longer names go well with a short surname. We have a 1 syllabled surname and the 3 DC all have first names with 3 or 4 syllables. From your list, I like Alexander and Theodore.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 08-May-16 07:43:27

Toby or Alex

Finn Mann too abrupt plus Thin Man?

septembersunshine Sun 08-May-16 08:03:48

Frederick? (Freddie). I like Alexander out of your list. Congratulations op!

Ditsy4 Sun 08-May-16 08:20:07

Agree Finn Mann isn't a good combination. Not keen on Ben Mann either.

I like Toby, Theo and Noah go well with your surname and not too many in class. I only know one of each in a school of 300. Ethan ok too but a few more of those.

Someone we know came to us because my daughter had just been born and her name was the one they had chosen. We told them to go ahead we didn't care. Their baby was born a week later. We didn't see them that often( husband's childhood friend) but funnily enough the girls ended up at the same Brownies and the same gymnastics for a while.

We were last gasp with No. 2,sat in the car park deciding( trying to agree after DH changed his mind about the one we picked) and it was Scotland so only three weeks. Good luck!

Bajanella Sun 08-May-16 10:23:55

I don't think Noah works - too much like know a man.

I like Alexander best from your list. It goes well with Zachary and Olivia.

sonlypuppyfat Sun 08-May-16 10:25:54

Tobias is fab

1horatio Sun 08-May-16 10:33:44

Theodore (Theo) is simply lovely!

Ethan, Ezra, Tobias and Joshua are also nice.

Ludwaysl Sun 08-May-16 10:38:35

I love Theo and it goes well with Mann.

Sophronia Sun 08-May-16 10:39:11

I think Toby sounds best with your surname

MyNewBearTotoro Sun 08-May-16 10:40:48

I love Ezra!

But I think Tobias and Theodore are both lovely and the two which go best with your surname and other two DC's names.

crayfish Sun 08-May-16 10:41:18

Not Noah or Finn, they don't work with Mann. Where I live (Glasgow) Noah Mann sounds like 'Not a man', which is a bit weird.

Alexander Mann is great though, think that's my favourite.

Mishaps Sun 08-May-16 10:43:54

Toby and Theo top my list. I do not like Finlay - and with your surname he would finish up as Finnmann.

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