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Would you choose the same names for your children if they were born today?

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Parisbanana Fri 06-May-16 18:54:48

Not asking if you dislike the names you gave your children. And names really become the person, it's difficult to imagine them called anything else (we were going to call dd Jessica for about the first 7 months of my pregnancy but changed our minds and now just cannot imagine her with that name at all).

So, if you were to be starting your family all over again, do you think you would choose the same names? And how old are your kids?
I think we would choose the same. I still love the names. Not too popular but no one ever bats an eyelid at them so not odd. They are 19 and 14.
But Nina would now be a very strong contender!

WorriedOrStressed Fri 06-May-16 18:57:06

Yes I'd choose the same. DC are 12 & 10. They are more traditional 'family' names though.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 06-May-16 18:59:13

Ds1,,19, yes definitely.

Ds2, 17, and Ds3, 16, probably not. There are other names I prefer now I think.

TheTartOfAsgard Fri 06-May-16 19:00:13

I'd choose the same. I picked both DCs names when I was a young teenager (named after book characters) and still love them now, despite the fact dds name is now in the top 10. Dd is 12 and ds 11.

tabulahrasa Fri 06-May-16 19:05:35

Hmm, DS is 20 and DD is 16...I'd give DS a different name I think.

My name is very very unusual and causes me a fair amount of hassle between spelling and pronunciation, people seem to just not get it at all and I spend a lot of time answering to a different name entirely because it just doesn't stick in people's heads.

Because of that I was going for safe and traditional names and I think with hindsight I went a bit too safe and traditional with DS, with DD I really do like her name, but I struggled more with boy's names and I think I kind of settled for good enough.

It's not awful or anything though.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 06-May-16 19:21:40

No definitely not

LadyAntonella Fri 06-May-16 19:40:03

I would give my DD a different or extra middle name to the family name we ended up with. Her first name I love but I do wish we had chosen something a bit longer so she would have a choice of nns when she gets older. She's only 16mo btw, so I guess her name hasn't gone out of style or anything yet. It's quite a classic name though so maybe it never will <hopeful> smile.

NatashaRomanoff Fri 06-May-16 19:42:46

DS1+2 no, but yes for DS3 + DD.

ImTakingTheEssence Fri 06-May-16 19:50:32

No I wouldn't I love her name but wish I chose something a bit different. She has the same name as a girl in her class and the other girl is all prim and proper well behaved and I just feel as though mine is the wilder of the two. Plus the other girl seems to suit the name more if that makes sense.

Parisbanana Fri 06-May-16 19:50:55

My mum said she wished she'd given me an unshortenable name (like my sister). She doesn't like the form everyone calls me so continues to call me by the full version (which is fine, I don't mind either really)

ChessieFL Fri 06-May-16 19:51:43

Yes, DD has the name I've loved for years and I would still choose it now.

NapQueen Fri 06-May-16 19:53:26

Yes to DD. DS has a name that was my favourite of the list of agreed names. I have names I like more but dh didnt. So if I had ds again today and dh had a change of opinion he would be a Lawrence. However now he is 18mo I think he would suit Sid.

scrivette Fri 06-May-16 19:53:27

I wouldn't but they are only 4 and 9 months, I love both their names but especially Ds2's as it is just so unusual.

DS1 has quite an unusual name and it really suits him.

AGnu Fri 06-May-16 19:54:35

DH named DS1 because he was getting bothered that he didn't have a name for us to introduce him with at 12 hours old. I was exhausted & more interested in him having food than a name so told DH to pick something from our shortlist if he was that bothered. He did, it's not the name I'd have chosen. I wish I'd insisted he wait until we could make the decision together. It's a perfectly sensible name, I just find it a bit blah & I'm not keen on one of the common shortenings.

I picked DS2's name, from an agreed shortlist. It was decided before he was born so I wouldn't miss my chance again. I love his name & if we have any more I'll be insisting we choose a name before birth again.

AngieBolen Fri 06-May-16 19:56:43

DD, yes.

It was so hard choosing a girls name, and I love the name, but it's very popular. And I'm not sure it suits her. She insists on being called by a nn, which suits her much more. DH really, really wanted to call her Charlotte, but I said no. Lottie would have suited her down to the ground. but I will never admit DH was right

DramaAlpaca Fri 06-May-16 21:10:59

Mine are between 22 & 18. I'd use the same names again but I'd probably change DS1's middle name.

CointreauVersial Fri 06-May-16 21:17:53

DS (16) - probably not. His name has certain "connotations" we weren't really aware of when we chose his name.
DD1 (15) - definitely! I still adore her name.
DD2 (12) - definitely.

DixieNormas Fri 06-May-16 21:22:54

Ds1 who is 21 possibly, but only because of being on here and reading what some people think of it. It hasn't done him any harm though so I should probably just ignore the negatives

ifcatscouldtalk Fri 06-May-16 21:28:57

My dd is 11. I chose a name that wasn't in fashion in 2004 & still isn't. I doubt it'll be revived now but its not unusal. Im glad her name isnt popular but still wish i'd gone for something my generation didnt see as a bit run of the mill. I dont know what i'd of gone for though. She loves her name so i guess its all good. smile.

ifcatscouldtalk Fri 06-May-16 21:36:54

Also for some reason i thought this baby needs a name straight away! If i had my time again i may of taken my time.

mrsschu Fri 06-May-16 22:12:01

DS (11 months) - I wouldn't change. I'm so happy with it, it's uncommon but not unusual and suits him. when he was born first I was worried it was too grown up for him but it actually works really well.

DD (4) - I don't think I would change it. It's a top ten name which doesn't bother me in itself as it's beautiful and suits all ages. BUT I irrationally think people will judge me as unimaginative for giving her such a "normal" name. Which is utterly ridiculous. And the name suits her sooooo well. So no, I suppose I wouldn't change it.

EllenDegenerate Tue 10-May-16 18:42:10


They're named Eden, Sylvie, Reuben and Delilah. I wouldn't change them, still think they're great names and the suit the DC, which is the main thing smile

Nickname1980 Tue 10-May-16 21:27:52

NO! Mainly because I didn't really pick either name - I just sort of allowed them. DS1's name was chosen entirely by my mother (and I let her for various complicated reasons) and DS2's name was a compromise between me and my husband because we couldn't agree on anything else.

I have never got a "first choice" name in there hmm.

I'm pregnant again now and I'm determined to actually choose this baby's name myself! My husband is way too opinionated about names, so we'll see if that works out...

(ellendegenerate one of your DC has my favourite name!!! If I have a girl, I am determined to call her it! Love all your kids' names though, we obvs have similar taste in names smile)

Sgoinneal Tue 10-May-16 22:24:51

Ds (3) - I would call him this again, and struggled so much with a boy's name for dc2 as a result of having used my absolute favourite name that ticked all my boxes

DC2 due any day, a girl - have picked along the same reasons as I chose ds's name and I love it. I can't imagine calling a girl anything else now.

Neither name is everyone's cup of tea but the names that are, aren't often my cup of tea.

Pipilangstrumpf Wed 11-May-16 15:52:49

I would probably give dd a less popular name but still love ds's name (it's still far outside the top 250).

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