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Ok Hands Up - who is furious that they didn't name their new son Spurgeon?

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RortyCrankle Fri 29-Apr-16 22:58:14

WTF were these people thinking?

ccsays Sat 30-Apr-16 18:52:35

They come from a particularly crazy branch of Christianity and I believe the name Spurgeon is the second name of one of its prominent figures. Still an awful name, obviously.

Also sexually molesting young girls isn't a 'sex scandal' Daily Fail angry

1horatio Sat 30-Apr-16 19:01:37

It reminds me of sturgeon.... and therefore caviar. Awful!!

I think it's time for a glass of wine... Well, it would be if I was allowed to drink right now. But this name is just sooo awful.

Helpmortified Sat 30-Apr-16 19:08:00

I read this a while ago, it is the worst name I have ever heard of!

Sounds medical and gross. Poor kid.

squoosh Sat 30-Apr-16 19:15:26

There was a character in Anne of Green Gables called Moody Spurgeon MacPherson known day to day as Moody Spurgeon. What a name! He wasn't a particularly charismatic or handsome character surprisingly enough. He did become a Presbyterian minister though.

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