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LadyAntonella Wed 27-Apr-16 13:30:56

I love this name. I'm not currently pregnant, so this is all very hypothetical, but how do other people feel about it?

I am thinking it would be for a girl but would consider for a boy too.

MidnightVelvetthe5th Wed 27-Apr-16 13:33:28

I think its dated, my first association is from the 1980's film The Lost Boys. My second association is very hippy commune parents that are trying too hard.

Sorry, I feel quite bad being mean about it, to me its a feminine name though. I'd maybe consider Estelle instead...

ABitAsleep Wed 27-Apr-16 13:33:53

Very hippyish!

LadyAntonella Wed 27-Apr-16 13:35:34

Oh don't worry about being mean about it on my account! I guess any parents of any little Stars might be more of a concern.

YY to Lost Boys reference! That's where I first heard it. Doesn't put me off though...

LadyAntonella Wed 27-Apr-16 13:36:52

Estelle will always be Joey's agent in Friends to me.

YY v hippyish... That doesn't put me off either actually - 'try hard' does a bit.

MidnightVelvetthe5th Wed 27-Apr-16 13:40:37

I actually really like hippy names as well Lady , if I could name DS1 again he would be a tree name like Rowan or Ash. DS2 would be a water name I think like River or Ocean.

Star to me is either a very lazy hippy who has chosen an easy conformist name or a mainstream parent trying to be yoonique.

Monkeymonstermum Wed 27-Apr-16 13:42:23

Sorry but it really wouldn't be for me - however have you thought of Seren - it is Welsh for star and I think is really pretty

VimFuego101 Wed 27-Apr-16 13:42:54

Isn't 'Seren' welsh for star? I prefer that.

Pepperpot99 Wed 27-Apr-16 13:43:51

Stella is much better.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Wed 27-Apr-16 13:59:48

It's nice for a girl, but I don't like it for a boy

LadyAntonella Wed 27-Apr-16 14:03:23

Woohoo! Someone else likes it (for a girl).

I'm actually not a huge fan of Seren or Stella. Think I have strange taste...

Floralnomad Wed 27-Apr-16 14:04:47

I know a very nice horse called Star , and she is a lady horse if that's any help .

LadyAntonella Wed 27-Apr-16 14:06:21

Um... Thanks? grin. At least she's a nice horse.

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