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Middle name Archie but no first name!

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NorthernBird92 Mon 25-Apr-16 11:20:57

I can't find one boys name I like. It's driving me crazy...
His middle name will be Archie any help on first names? Please grin

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 25-Apr-16 12:30:58

James Archie
Micheal Archie
William Archie
Francis Archie
Louis Archie
Simon Archie
Paul Archie
Thomas Archie

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Mon 25-Apr-16 12:48:02

What is his surname initial?

James archie
Mikey archie
Craig archie
William archie
Edward archie
Benjamin archie
Finley archie
Ronan archie
Matthew archie

OneMagnumisneverenough Mon 25-Apr-16 13:15:53

is Archie your kind of style or has it been picked for sentimental reasons?

Keir Archie
Evan Archie
Sebastian Archie
Sylvester Archie
Peter Archie
Dylan Archie

as a random selection

NorthernBird92 Mon 25-Apr-16 13:22:53

The initial for the surname is p. We liked jake but it seems a little over used...
And Archie is sentimental our daughter is Keira ....

OneMagnumisneverenough Mon 25-Apr-16 13:28:42


Cameron Archie
Gregor Archie
Elliot Archie
Ethan Archie
Cormac Archie

GoldPlatedBacon Mon 25-Apr-16 14:41:11

Chad Archie
Evander Archie
Luke Archie

Gummibaers Mon 25-Apr-16 14:43:41

Benjamin Archie
Quentin Archie
Edward Archie
Cameron Archie

Sophronia Mon 25-Apr-16 15:54:39

Christopher Archie
Dominic Archie
Isaac Archie
Jude Archie
Lewis Archie
Adam Archie
Joseph Archie
Matthew Archie
Finn Archie
Daniel Archie
Leo Archie
David Archie

A4Document Mon 25-Apr-16 21:02:37

Samuel Archie
Connor Archie
Nathan Archie
Tristan Archie
Vincent Archie
Maxwell Archie
Gabriel Archie
Ryan Archie
Mason Archie
Torin Archie

NorthernBird92 Wed 27-Apr-16 00:01:24

Thanks for the suggestions still none I like he may just end up being baby!

mutteroo Wed 27-Apr-16 00:56:57

I'm sure you've thought of this but why not use Archie as a first name? It goes well with Keira.

Also do you have any names that you've considered but are not quite right? It might help people make suggestions that are more

NorthernBird92 Wed 27-Apr-16 09:28:28

I don't like Archie as a first name it's quite over used where I'm from it goes with the Alfie's and Kai's there are loads ...
And I loved Jake but I've gone off it
I like Oliver but somebody I don't like ha named her son that (stupid reason I know) and I don't think Oliver Archie sounds good...
It's really starting to get to me now that I can't find a single name that I think is even on the short list ....
My husband likes names that I don't Harley and similar..
Every name I find a reason I don't like it 😞

OneMagnumisneverenough Wed 27-Apr-16 09:45:25

Instead of Jake could you have Jacob and then if you like it again you can still use Jake?

Other J names that I don't think have been mentioned


OneMagnumisneverenough Wed 27-Apr-16 09:48:09

I also wouldn't get hung up too much on whether Archie goes with the first name or not as after the first few weeks you won't be announcing him in full and the vast majority of people wont even know what his middle name is.

So, concentrate on finding something you like and ignore the middle name for now.

Artandco Wed 27-Apr-16 09:55:31

Do you have to use Archie, or could you use similar like Archer?

Joel Archer
Leon Archer
Jake Archer
Jackson Archer
Jensen Archer
Timothy Archer

Jago Archibald
James Archibald

Caspian Archie
Timon Archie
Lionel Archie
Lenny Archie

scotsgirl64 Wed 27-Apr-16 10:08:45


Sophronia Wed 27-Apr-16 11:15:36

Ethan Archie
Dexter Archie
Ellis Archie
Jack Archie
Reuben Archie
George Archie
Joseph Archie
Rowan Archie
Harrison Archie
Jacob Archie
Theo Archie
Lucas Archie
Oscar Archie
Seth Archie
Owen Archie
Roman Archie
Zach Archie
Joshua Archie
Dylan Archie
Blake Archie
Liam Archie
Jackson Archie
Rhys Archie
Morgan Archie

NorthernBird92 Wed 27-Apr-16 11:21:18

Yes it has to be Archie but archer is nice
I like Jake and Jacob it's just the overused thing ...
God what happens if I can't ever pick a name confused

Wheels1986 Wed 27-Apr-16 11:38:50

I think it needs to have more than 2 syllables... So:

Elijah (this one's sticking out for some reason)

I love and hate picking names in equal measure!! Good luck!

FindingTheRightName Wed 27-Apr-16 12:18:00

James Archie is lovely.

So is William Archie.

Matthew too.

NorthernBird92 Wed 27-Apr-16 12:30:55

God it's so hard! Thankyou all for your suggestions I don't know what's wrong with me I think I'm just being ridiculas about it ...
I like some of these suggestions ..
I just have to stop linking names to people I knew or don't like xx

NorthernBird92 Wed 27-Apr-16 12:31:10

Without the xx on the end!

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