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Monty... What's it short for?

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orchidnap Sun 24-Apr-16 11:36:45

DP and I love the name Monty, but obviously would choose a longer name for full name with Monty being a shortened version.

DP likes Montgomery, and I cant help feeling its an old man name. I just couldnt imagine a little boy called Montgomery.

I found Montague in the book we have, though my concern is that everyone has heard of Montgomery, but would they know of a Montague, or would it sound a bit "made up"

What would you choose? Any other options gratefully received too!

If it makes any difference we have a Felix already.

BYOSnowman Sun 24-Apr-16 11:39:10

I would always assume Montgomery. To me monty is an old mans name too!

If you're. It actually going to call him Montgomery and will always use monty does it matter what the full name is?

I always think the name Montgomery has a good pedigree

MrsTatum1980 Sun 24-Apr-16 11:39:53

I'm not going to help as I love Montgomery and Monty! I think Montague sounds a little pretentious if I'm honest, though it will be recognised as the surname of Romeo's family in Romeo and Juliet. I have a Walter though so I'm in no position to judge name choices blush

AlwaysNC Sun 24-Apr-16 11:40:13

I'd just call him Monty. Put Monty on the birth certificate. It goes well with felix. I don't understand the need for a longer name you'll never use. Seems to be a MN thing.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sun 24-Apr-16 11:42:42

I knew a Monty but Montague was his surname.

Never knew his first name.

Sophronia Sun 24-Apr-16 12:03:01


orchidnap Sun 24-Apr-16 12:03:21

I thought that it wouldn't matter what the full name was if we always sued the shortened name, then realised that places like the doctors would always use the longer name. I'd be sitting waiting for them to call a name I wish I hadn't chosen if I chose the wrong one!

I know people will know the name from Romeo and Juliet, as that's where I've heard it, but was worried it wouldn't seem like an actual first name, a I've never known a Montague.

Registering just the shortened name isn't an option for me, I just couldn't.

BendydickCuminsnatch Sun 24-Apr-16 12:05:31

I went to school with a Martin nn Monty!

Pigeonpost Sun 24-Apr-16 12:07:40

We have a Monty. I have spent most of my adult life slating given names that were abbreviations of 'proper' names. But we really wanted to call him Monty and didn't like Montgomery or Montague at all. Well, I'd probably have plumped for Montague but DH wouldn't. We know two other Monty's and both of them are just Monty too. Sorry, I know that doesn't help...

BYOSnowman Sun 24-Apr-16 12:09:33

I wouldn't want to be sitting at the doctors with everyone smirking when montague gets called! Although it depends where in the country you are. Round my way there is such a mix of names no one would raise an eyebrow

You register him as monty. I know loads of kids who have a 'proper' name but are registered with everything else under their 'known by' name

DinosaursRoar Sun 24-Apr-16 12:17:17

Well, this is time for my regular comment that "you aren't just naming a toddler, you are giving him a name for life" - Montgomery might seem "too old man" right now, but at some point he will be an old man! There's a good chance as an adult he'll be glad of a name with gravitas.

In my experience, the doctors is pretty much the only place that don't use a "known as" name, and after the first 18 months you don't go enough for it to be an issue.

A4Document Sun 24-Apr-16 17:28:51


CraziestOfCatLadies Sun 24-Apr-16 17:31:31

I know of two boys called Montgomery and both are just coming up to their first birthday; both have the nickname of Monty. You might think it's an old man's name but I suspect it is coming back into fashion.

Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Sun 24-Apr-16 17:37:48

I just shared this with DP because I think his last name will go well with Montgomery, his response was that the only thing he would called Monty is a donkey hmm sorry, not helpful.

HairSlide Sun 24-Apr-16 17:41:39

It made me think of Montgomary Burns from the Simpsons <sorry>

Ludways Sun 24-Apr-16 17:44:42

I thought of Montague before I thought of Montgomery, I don't think anyone would think it was made up, it's s pretty well known name, although not used a lot.

I prefer Montague and really like Montt.

GottaGetThisDone Sun 24-Apr-16 19:16:41

I thought of Montgomery but I have to say I like a pp suggestion of Beaumont

Starman16 Sun 24-Apr-16 19:26:14

Monty Don's full name is Montagu - and I always think of him when I hear Monty!

OSETmum Sun 24-Apr-16 20:00:55

I know a Monte (said the same as Monty) which somehow looks more like a proper, full name.

Gummibaers Sun 24-Apr-16 20:36:44

Monty sounds very nicknamey and imo needs a full name on the birth certificate. I prefer Montgomery to Montague.

Wafflenose Sun 24-Apr-16 21:07:05

I know three Montys - two aged about 10 (Montague and Montgomery) and one aged about 6, who is just Monty.

zoomtothespoon Sun 24-Apr-16 21:08:52

My old cat was called Montgomery, NN Monty

orchidnap Sun 24-Apr-16 21:33:34

Dinosaurs I thought about that, but then thought I couldnt imagine a teenager, or a young man called Montgomery. I thought about if when I'd met DP he introduced himself as Montgomery, and I know I'd have been a bit "oh... that;s unusual" hmm

Beuamont is a fab name! But a relative has a Beau, so we can't use that I think it would be too similar. I'd be the subject of an AIBU haha. grin

MissTurnstiles Sun 24-Apr-16 23:56:17

I don't understand the need for a longer name you'll never use. Seems to be a MN thing.

I don't understand why you wouldn't do this. Why wouldn't you give your future adult child the option of sticking with their informal short form or using a more formal full name as appropriate. They will be adults for much longer than they are sweet little children.

Montgomery is FAB, OP!

TheNewStatesman Mon 25-Apr-16 01:19:43

Edmund? (stretching it a bit...)

Just make sure you love the full name too, because he will probably not want to be Monty when he is older.

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