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Lois or Anya?

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Mrspopper Sun 17-Apr-16 20:03:04

Which do you prefer? Thank you.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 17-Apr-16 20:04:15


IslaSinga Sun 17-Apr-16 20:05:33


Nospringflower Sun 17-Apr-16 20:08:28


Mottled Sun 17-Apr-16 20:09:11

Like both but don't think that I've ever met a Lois so you may want to go for that.

Foxsox Sun 17-Apr-16 20:09:47


Ciggaretteandsmirnoff Sun 17-Apr-16 20:10:01

lois is lovely

Undercooked Sun 17-Apr-16 20:10:11


barnet Sun 17-Apr-16 20:10:34

Anya (pretty)
But Lois is cool

RueDeWakening Sun 17-Apr-16 20:13:33

Lois. I know a 5 year old Lois, only one I've ever met I think. And she's lovely.

Not too keen on Anya.

MNemonica Sun 17-Apr-16 20:13:54

Anya is lovely.

Lois always makes me think of loinsblush

rainbowstardrops Sun 17-Apr-16 20:14:53


Jemimapuddleduk Sun 17-Apr-16 20:15:53

Love both - pretty but cool. I think I slightly prefer Anya

FifiRebel Sun 17-Apr-16 20:20:33


TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 17-Apr-16 20:22:07

Anya. Biased because I know a lovely one.

RaeSkywalker Sun 17-Apr-16 20:22:14


LittleGreyBear Sun 17-Apr-16 20:30:32


nectarini1983 Sun 17-Apr-16 20:44:21


BettyBi0 Sun 17-Apr-16 20:45:28

I prefer Anya but it's super popular in my area as popular wth Eastern Europeans

MrsBungle Sun 17-Apr-16 20:47:41

Both lovely but I prefer Lois.

Yika Sun 17-Apr-16 20:52:09

Such lovely names!

I prefer Anya but they are both gorgeous.

sixinabed Sun 17-Apr-16 20:53:05


MizK Sun 17-Apr-16 20:55:21

Both very pretty names 😀 Lois slightly less popular but I do know one aged 5 and name suits her very well.

Itinerary Sun 17-Apr-16 20:55:32


Mrspopper Sun 17-Apr-16 20:59:43

Thank you. Am struggling to decide!

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