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what do you thisk of these boys names??

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foximusprime1 Sat 16-Apr-16 15:18:01

so....i posted a few days ago about two names we are considering, I'm due in 5 weeks we don't know what were having, we are all sorted for a girls name however, were totally stumped with boy names.

id like to know your thoughts on the ones we like
here are a few we like:

Tristan - my mum doesn't like sad so feel like I shouldn't have it.

Quinn - people on mumsnet said it sounds like quim?

Theodore - a bit too popular now? also a bit of a mouthful

Theon - husband and I like but people have said its a character from game of thrones.

if I like these names, can anybody suggest other's I may like??

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 16-Apr-16 15:36:53

Your mum doesn't like Tristan. Well with much respect to your mum. It's none of her business. She had her day choosing names when she had you. She doesn't get to calm the shots on naming her GCs as well. So if you like it use it.
I'm not kean on any of your other names. But it's just different opinions. I like Quinn for a girl, but I think its a bit effeminate for a boy.

JSarah Sat 16-Apr-16 15:37:53

My favourite is Theodore, but go with Tristan, if you like it!

RaeSkywalker Sat 16-Apr-16 15:42:29

I like Theodore. Go for Tristan if you like it the most- it's your baby!

cheapandcheerful Sat 16-Apr-16 15:43:42

I like Quinn. I know a 2year-old one.

albertcampionscat Sat 16-Apr-16 17:04:55

Theodore is great. Theodosius if you want something a bit more unusal? Tristan and Quinn also fine. Please don't go for Theon. Trust me, if you'd seen Game of Thrones you'd know why.

Sophronia Sat 16-Apr-16 17:13:38


AnotherEmma Sat 16-Apr-16 17:15:27


DarkBlueEyes Sat 16-Apr-16 17:16:27

Like them all except Theon. It's just odd. I have never watched game of thrones but really, it honks.

TimeOfGlass Sat 16-Apr-16 17:16:59

Love Theodore. I've never met one in real life, so I'd be surprised if it's popular near me.

Re. Tristan - if you love it, don't let your mum put you off.

IoraRua Sat 16-Apr-16 17:22:25

Theon - a character who gets horrifically tortured in game of thrones. It's a nope from me because that's my only association with it.

Theodore is better but not a fan, personally.

Really dislike Quinn, but that's probably because it's a common Irish surname. It would be like naming a baby Walsh or Kavanagh to me.

I love Tristan though!

pictish Sat 16-Apr-16 17:22:26

Tristan - quite like it.
Quinn - is potentially about to be very popular, if that bothers you. I know two babies called Quinn atm.
Theodore - quite like it.
Theon - yup GoT.

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Sat 16-Apr-16 17:27:08

what about Toby/Tobias?

AuntieStella Sat 16-Apr-16 17:31:29

How about going for Theodore, then you can NN him Theon without permanently saddling him with a GoT name, and if there are too many hmm you can change the NN to Theo.

IcedTin Sat 16-Apr-16 18:15:32

Tristan and Theodore (Theo) are great names.

Alfred (Freddie)

Narp Sat 16-Apr-16 19:59:08

Theon was tortured and castrated in Game of Thrones

I quite like Theodore/Theo, but not the others

I suggest:


RiverTam Sat 16-Apr-16 20:00:27

Bloody hell, you can't go for Theon! Heavens above, do some research grin!

Theodore is the only one I like from your list.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 16-Apr-16 20:01:36

Tristan is a great name IMO.

NadiaWadia Sat 16-Apr-16 20:06:48

Why not just Theo if you find Theodore a bit of a mouthful? Theo is nice.

But NOT FGS Theon! Actually I'm a bit puzzled about how you know this name if you don't watch/read Game of Thrones. (As I thought it was a new name invented by the author, along with many others in the books, Sansa, etc.).

NadiaWadia Sat 16-Apr-16 20:08:41

How about Leo or Leon? Similar sound, but no GoT associations.

BobberClobber Sat 16-Apr-16 20:18:53

I think you are putting too much thought into other people's opinions. My advice is to choose a name you love and don't tell anyone until baby is here. Don't ever tell your name choice on MN. In RL no one will insult your choice to your face once baby is here.

FWIW I love GoT and I also think the name Theon is fab. Other names have been made up by authors and people used them for their children and they lost the associations of their initial characters. I would love to see lots of the GoT names in common usage... Ramsay, Sansa, Cersei...

RiverTam Sat 16-Apr-16 20:26:42

Yes, but Theon was a hideous shit to begin with and has now had his dick cut off by the psychotic Ramsay, so why the hell you'd want your child to be associated either of those I can't think. Cersei? Another charmer.

BlueChampagne Sat 16-Apr-16 20:53:46

Theoden would be better than Theon. As well as Tolkein's use in LotR, it's simply Old English for Lord.

It may be a bit late, but keep serious name discussions strictly betwee you and OH.

AnotherEmma Sat 16-Apr-16 21:08:41

What RiverTam said!

pictish Sat 16-Apr-16 21:23:35

Also in the books, Theon spends a long time known only as Reek. He is written as Reek.

Theon is a lovely name really, but you just can't.

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