Top 3 boys names

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Mclaren37 Mon 11-Apr-16 22:13:21

That sneaky poll option seems to have disappeared again... So, which name do you prefer from our final three;
Gabriel (Gabe)


AwfulBeryl Mon 11-Apr-16 22:14:25

I like them all, I think my favourite is Gabriel.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 11-Apr-16 22:15:04


Vixxfacee Mon 11-Apr-16 22:18:06


Undercooked Mon 11-Apr-16 22:18:50


Undercooked Mon 11-Apr-16 22:19:10


nectarini1983 Mon 11-Apr-16 22:29:28


AKissACuddleAndACheekyFinger Mon 11-Apr-16 22:32:54


littlepooch Mon 11-Apr-16 22:32:57

Gabriel. I love it.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Tue 12-Apr-16 00:15:07

We're using Gabriel nn Gabe if We're blessed with a boy. Not thrilled about Hamish or Angus, sorry.

JenniferAnistonsHair Tue 12-Apr-16 00:16:52


NoncommittalToSparkleMotion Tue 12-Apr-16 00:17:51


Alasalas2 Tue 12-Apr-16 00:43:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ludways Tue 12-Apr-16 01:40:39


Jw35 Tue 12-Apr-16 01:41:14


KimmySchmidtsSmile Tue 12-Apr-16 01:46:12

Gabriel is just lovely so is Gabe

Angus reminds me of cattle sorry

Hamish reminds me of vikings also dislike

Itinerary Tue 12-Apr-16 01:59:51

1. Hamish
2. Gabriel
3. Angus

RonaldMcDonald Tue 12-Apr-16 02:11:00


Sophronia Tue 12-Apr-16 08:53:17


AuntieStella Tue 12-Apr-16 08:54:26

Angus, with Hamish as runner up.

MrsCaecilius Tue 12-Apr-16 09:41:25

Love Angus and Hamish. Not so keen on Gabriel. But all lovely names!

PickleSarnie Tue 12-Apr-16 18:59:44

Angus then Hamish then definitely last would be Gabriel. Not saying that Gabriel isn't a nice name it's just that I think it's a name that instantly paints a picture of how a Gabriel should be. All angelic looking and serene. Which gives a child a lot to live up to. But perhaps that's just me over thinking!

Pipilangstrumpf Tue 12-Apr-16 22:08:21

I only like Angus.

eilzyxo Tue 12-Apr-16 22:24:51


sammyjayneex Thu 21-Apr-16 20:43:26

I love Gabriel!!! It's on my list as well.

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