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Had a dream last night that we called DS...

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Imps9 Sun 10-Apr-16 12:52:19

... Barry-Baxter (yes, double-barrelled first name).

It's still making me giggle. Can safely say that if we have a DS, Barry-Baxter definitely won't be on the short list.

Anyone else ever come up with their DC's name in their dreams?

GoldPlatedBacon Sun 10-Apr-16 13:10:20

Lol, Barry-baxter would be awesome!

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Sun 10-Apr-16 13:17:12

Stupid dream.

Baxter-barry would be much better!

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 10-Apr-16 13:19:30

Maybe that's a sign that he's already chosen his name. Its amazing how many children come with their names. Almost as though they name themselves.

Catmuffin Sun 10-Apr-16 13:21:13

Dd aged 11 has a Barry in her year at school. smile

arandomname Sun 10-Apr-16 13:22:40

I dreamed I called DD Star, and after that I did try to find a star name for her (Estelle, Stella, Seren etc) but couldn't find one that we could agree on.

I still have a feeling that there is maybe a star name out there that would really suit her that I just didn't find in time!

arandomname Sun 10-Apr-16 13:23:34

Barry-Baxter does have a certain ring to it grin

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 10-Apr-16 13:24:27

I think Star would have been nice. I don't think there's such a thing as names being too out there, anymore. I think anything goes, now.

arandomname Sun 10-Apr-16 13:26:49

I dreamed two of my previous MN names - in the same dream, it was really vivid.

One was threefeethighandrising and another was motherofallhangovers.

Well, actually I dreamed it was twofeethighandrising as that's how tall DS was at the time, and that I'd change it as he grew, but I ended up using threefeethighandrising for a while.

Much wittier names than I usually come up with when awake (see current name for evidence! grin )

arandomname Sun 10-Apr-16 13:29:27

Star makes me think of the girl in The Lost Boys - who I thought was coolness personified when I was 12! I wanted to be just like her.

But now I think she's a bit dippy and it's a real shame there's not a stronger female role in that film.

Imps9 Sun 10-Apr-16 14:04:57

Yvaine would be a good "star" name (from the film with Claire Danes - have completely forgotten what it's called now).

Assuming all goes well at the dating scan next week, am tempted to stick with Barry-Baxter as the bump name!

Imps9 Sun 10-Apr-16 14:05:41

(not that one can ever assume that all will be well at the dating scan of course - silly thing to say).

Sophronia Sun 10-Apr-16 15:08:11

I dreamt I had a DD called Sawyer !? which is not something I'd use irl grin

arandomname Sun 10-Apr-16 16:33:12

Barry-Baxter is a fabulous bump name smile

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Tue 12-Apr-16 21:34:16

You're thinking of Stardust Imps.

I think Barry-Baxter has rather a ring to it grin

sammyjayneex Thu 21-Apr-16 20:47:00

I had a dream that I called my baby boy Rocco (lol I'm 34+5) and it's deffo a name I would never use.

LadyAntonella Thu 21-Apr-16 21:03:13

I once dreamt I had a DSD named Candy.

julfin Thu 21-Apr-16 23:38:12

Arandomname did you consider Astrid? Or there's lots of good constellation names eg Cassiopeia. Sorry, bit late now!

1horatio Thu 21-Apr-16 23:45:38

I actually dreamt of Isaac Peregine. But Isaac is so popular. sad
And we don't even know yet if it's a boy...

Imps9 Fri 22-Apr-16 06:26:55

Isaac Peregrine is a fab, non-weird dream name!

AGapInTheMarket Fri 22-Apr-16 06:31:49

I dream-named my DD Baureen when I was PG! Caused some hilarity among friends and relations and one close friend still occasionally calls 3yo DD by it, to DD's bemusement.

Imps9 Fri 22-Apr-16 06:35:59

Baureen grin

MangosteenSoda Fri 22-Apr-16 06:36:42

Last night I dreamed that my son's first words were, 'I love you mummy shithead' confused

I know someone who dream named her son Elvis.

AgentCandid Fri 22-Apr-16 06:39:19

The night before last I dreamt I had four more children and called them Jack, Astrid, Zoe and...Dracula.

DerelictMyBalls Sat 23-Apr-16 11:51:03

Baureen! grin

When I was pregnant with DS, I dreamt I named him Luke. I didn't end up using the name but it's still my favourite name on someone else!

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