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Down to three names for DD... which one to choose??

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babymakesfive Mon 04-Apr-16 05:49:15

The list for our soon-to-be-born DD has been whittled down to three names (this took a while, as DH has been very indecisive this time around!) We each have a different favourite.

The contenders are:

Brothers are Oscar and Leo. Two-syllable surname. Would love opinions on the final three - this is our last baby and I am anxious to avoid name regrets!

WanderingTrolley1 Mon 04-Apr-16 06:10:34

Annabel is lovely.

5608Carrie Mon 04-Apr-16 06:16:53

Love Eloise

bellissimiaow Mon 04-Apr-16 06:19:00

Eloise for me too, gorgeous.

rainbowstardrops Mon 04-Apr-16 06:24:31

Annabel from me

Sophronia Mon 04-Apr-16 06:40:13


TalkMeDownPlease Mon 04-Apr-16 06:42:56

Annabel. Can be shortened to Anna or Bel when older.

WellErrr Mon 04-Apr-16 06:49:41


HeteronormativeHaybales Mon 04-Apr-16 07:14:57

Beatrice or Eloise.

Helloandgoodbye Mon 04-Apr-16 07:21:32


chocolatecheesecake Mon 04-Apr-16 07:34:36

Beatrice. Love Bea as a nickname

DrDiva Mon 04-Apr-16 07:36:07

Beatrice. But then I am an ex teacher with horror memories attached to many names!!

INeedNewShoes Mon 04-Apr-16 07:38:36

I'd go for Annabel. Oscar, Leo and Annabel just has a good sound to it and I love the name Annabel.

pilates Mon 04-Apr-16 09:15:45


ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 04-Apr-16 09:16:44


Spottyladybird Mon 04-Apr-16 09:18:47

Beatrice and Annabel go with your boys names.

MerryMarigold Mon 04-Apr-16 09:21:12

I think any of them go with your boys. Not fond of Annabel as it is v specifically girly. (prefer Anna). I like Eloise, though also like Eleanor

Voldymort Mon 04-Apr-16 09:28:50

Annabel reminds me of the horror film, Eloise sounds to similar to Leo..
Id go for Beatrice

AmysTiara Mon 04-Apr-16 09:30:33

Not Beatrice but the other two are both nice.

Lexipedia Mon 04-Apr-16 09:30:36

Eloise was on my list.

MerryMarigold Mon 04-Apr-16 09:43:43

Or how about Lois? I love that.

TremoloGreen Mon 04-Apr-16 09:51:03

Another vote for Beatrice.

DramaAlpaca Mon 04-Apr-16 09:52:53

Annabel or Beatrice.

Eloise is actually my favourite of the three, but Eloise and Leo are a bit too much of a tongue-twister together IMO.

Bunnybop Mon 04-Apr-16 09:53:21

Definitely Beatrice. I really dislike Eloise although I don't know why.

Abecedario Mon 04-Apr-16 09:54:39

Love Eloise and also the Heloise spelling.

I like your others too though! Sorry not helpful.

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