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Summ3r Sun 03-Apr-16 14:24:22

Maia June
Thanks to u lovely mn people Ive found the name Maia. Totally love the meaning too. Just wondering if it goes with the middle name June. It's my late granny's name so it will not be changed. The first name has to suit the middle name. Dh first choice is Lola June but I'm not so sure in Lola. Thanks

AliceInHinterland Sun 03-Apr-16 14:30:50

One is a month and the other sounds a lot like a month... I think it's a bit too much together. They are both nice separately.

Coldtoeswarmheart Sun 03-Apr-16 14:32:39

No, sounds too much like May June.

Itinerary Sun 03-Apr-16 15:53:27

I think Maia June is fine. I'm not keen on Lola.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 03-Apr-16 16:07:35

I prefer Lola June

Only1scoop Sun 03-Apr-16 16:40:01

Much prefer Lola....

The other name with June sounds very Calendar like.

Not keen on that one

Purplebluebird Sun 03-Apr-16 16:46:05

I like all 3 names, but don't think Maia June is a good combination. Lola June or Maia "something else".

nectarini1983 Sun 03-Apr-16 16:53:00

I agree with purple...think the May/June thing is just too obvious and will cause her agg growing up. Also not a fan of calendar names used in the wrong month of birth.

Summ3r Sun 03-Apr-16 17:37:45

That was my worry tho I thought that mabey it sounded ok my-ah June. Is here any other names that really go with June ?

IoraRua Sun 03-Apr-16 17:43:07

I think Maia is lovely, but not with June because of the month thing. Hate Lola, sorry.

Other names: Hazel, Lillian, Ivy, Serena, Catherine, Emer, Alexandra, Kelsey, Brooke, Margot, Imogen, Clare, Grace, Mia.

Jw35 Sun 03-Apr-16 17:47:42

It's ok if it's my-ya rather than May-ya IMO

Narp Sun 03-Apr-16 17:50:31

I don't really understand why middle names have to 'go' unless you are double-barrelling the name (you aren't double-barrelling it, are you?)

TwigTheWonderKid Sun 03-Apr-16 17:59:37

Could you stick in another middle name to break it up? eg Maia Rachel June

TwigTheWonderKid Sun 03-Apr-16 18:01:17

Or what about Gaia?

Youreadthebabybooks Sun 03-Apr-16 18:03:56

Maia is pronounced my-ya not may-ya

Narp Sun 03-Apr-16 18:04:34


mrsschu Sun 03-Apr-16 22:46:42

It does sound like May June which is a bit ridiculous. BUT how often will she use her middle name? Rarely I imagine so it's probably not too much of a cause for concern. I don't like Lola.

Sophronia Sun 03-Apr-16 23:25:44

It doesn't sound like May June as its pronounced My-ah not May-uh. I like it and prefer it to Lola.

ThisToo Sun 03-Apr-16 23:35:40

I know a Lila June. Again it is a family name, she was born in November.

PointlessUsername Sun 03-Apr-16 23:45:11

I prefer Lola to Maia

GingerLeaves Mon 04-Apr-16 01:23:43

I really like Maia - I don't see how it sounds like May? confused

Maia June is lovely, OP smile

ABitAsleep Mon 04-Apr-16 12:14:36

Much prefer Maia over Lola!

Maia June is lovely. I don't think it sounds like May at all, but it depends on how you pronounce it - some people will say My-ah, some will say May-ah.

As an alternative you could use Mia? But i prefer much Maia

manicinsomniac Mon 04-Apr-16 12:23:41

I think Maia June is lovely.

I don't think Maia is ever pronounced May-a is it? It's always My-ah. If people want May-a they go for Maya (which is still more often My-ah ime!)

Summ3r Mon 04-Apr-16 14:27:26

Thanks everyone !

Summ3r Mon 04-Apr-16 14:29:20

AbitAsleep Mia was our first choice until my sisters friend named her baby that a few weeks ago sad don't want to be seen to be copying plus our kids will be going to same primary school and could be in the same class. Still gutted all the same

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